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Second Commandment

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1. Recap last week's. - Was the Ten Commandments given before or after God saved Israel out of Egypt? What should that remind us? - Whats the first command? - To quote: Annabelle "Define God". - Is this command easy to obey? - Why is this not a new form of slavery?
2. Read . What is the second command? In your own words.
3. What is the behind this second command? What is the issue about?
4. Does vs 4 mean that we can't take photographs or make art? Why or why not? - the key is: worship If the first commandment prohibits worshipping false gods, the second prohibits worshipping God in false ways.
5. Its obvious we can't make images of idols and worship them (first command). But can we make images of the Lord and worship them? - Read (esp vs 5). As corrupted and compromised as their worship was, in some sense they were trying to worship the Lord (the god(s) who saved them from Egypt). Another reminder that salvation must be of grace if not there is no hope.
6. Why can't we make images of God and worship them? Read ). Again and again "You saw no form". Only voice/words. Nobody has seen God - any image will always be distorted representation (-man's chief end) - will limit God (to that particular image/statue).
7. This is about worshipping God in false ways. In what ways do we worship God in false ways today? - though we may not worship a physical image, we still come up with our own ideas of God "I think God is like this..." or "I imagine God is like that..." and do not get our real 'picture' of Him from the Word. Remember "You saw no form" But only His Word. - Different from virtually all other religions, The Word rather than images, was meant to be center of their faith, even for instruction. Even though then as now images capture the attention more. "A picture is worth a thousand words". - History of abandoning the Word to images. From Israel's fall to the RC.
8. Isn't jealousy a negative thing? How should we think about God being a jealous God? -A husband that does not get jealous when his wife brings another man into their marriage bed does not love her enough to want her exclusively. - God is also jealous for us to know and love the real Him. Any imitation will deprive us of the greatest joy. Rmb What is man's chief end?
9. What does it mean in vs 5b that God punishes "the children for the sins of the parents to the third and fourth generation"? - it assumes that they are sinning the same way as the parents. - God does not punish innocent ppl - but sin always has consequences that affect those around us. - its also God's way of stressing how serious sin is. And how much He hates sin. - But don't forget vs 6, that though He punishes the children for the sins of the parents to the third and fourth generation, God shows loves to a thousand generations of those who love Him and keep His commands. - not necessary to take it literally (okay 1000th generation. Time's up).The point is: the Lord remembers faithfulness far longer than He remembers disobedience. e.g "for the sake of David" - And again is meant to stress just how precious obedience is to Him.
10. Christ-centered application: Read . - similarity from rescued from Egypt to rescued from the dominion of darkness - Christ is the image we can and should worship. Not some poor imitation but the true perfect representation of the Father. If you've seen me you've seen the Father. - He is the one who created all things. So why should we worship the creation, instead of the Creator. - Again that doesn't mean we make images of Jesus. Its very interesting that none of the 4 gospels give any physical description of Jesus.
- We are to worship in spirit and in truth. And that means at least, to worship Him for who He is and what He has done. His goodness, His love, His mercy towards us, displayed most clearly in His sacrifice on the cross.
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