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First Commandment

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1. List the 10 commandments
2. Which commandments are you surprised to see here? Which commandment do you think is the hardest? 3. Where is the commands given? - What is the story of the Bible so far? 4. What is the main reason(s) God gave why we should obey these commands? - I am the Lord (kinda like "I'm your mum/dad") - who brought you out of Egypt (not just a cold-unloving boss in the sky but someone who had saved them from bondage) 5. Did God give the Ten Commandments before or after He saved them from Egypt? . What is the relationship between salvation and obedience? Are we saved because we obey? Or do we obey because we have been save? 6. Is says they have been released from slavery, but is this a new form of slavery? Why not? - though sometimes it may feel like it it really isn't. Its called by James "law of liberty". 7. What is the first commandments? 8. Do you think there's a reason this is the first commandment? Why? - our relationship with God is of first priority - idolatory leads to other sins (if worship wealth more than God you may steal) 9. Do even we believers break this commandment? How so? 10.What is an idol? - good things turned to ultimate things - created things taking the place of the Creator - something that you give to or look to receive from something only God should receive or can give you Examples? (try to get student examples) - we may not literally bow down to the Goddess of beauty or love, or to the God of Commerce/Wealth, but don't ppl still worship beauty/love/wealth? - Chariots of fire "I have 10 secs to justify my existence" 11. How do you identify your idols? - Is there anything that you are always more excited about than God? - is there anything in ur life that if u were to lose it, or fail to get it, you lose the will to live. You lose meaning in life. - Imitation is the highest form of praise. - "Your religion is what you do with your solitude."Archbishop William Temple - how you spend your CNY holiday 12. What is the Christ-centered application here? - Jesus is Lord, who saved us from the slavery of sin. By dying on the cross for us. We are saved by grace through faith alone, apart from works - He deserves our undivided loyalty and love (we all like to be appreciated for all the effort or sacrifices we make. Think about those who forget abt their parents after all that they have done for them)
- unlike our idols, Jesus will not disappoint. Idols were never meant to bear the burden of all our hopes and expectations. Thus this prohibition is to free us from heartbreak and disappointment.
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