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008 Chapter 5 Part 1 Death of Ananias and Sapphia

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Chapter 5 Part 1 Death of Ananias and Sapphia

VII. THE DEATH OF ANANIAS AND SAPPHIRA AND ITS EFFECTS (the first divine purification of the church (4:32–5:42)
4:32–35 gives us a picture of a healthy, powerful, united, and advancing church,
Then he mentions a man, Barnabas, who contributed to the church’s robust health, 4:36, 37.
Then he tells us of a “Mr. and Mrs. Achan,” Ananias and Sapphira, who, like Achan of old, brought “sin into the camp,” and so had to be eliminated before the church could continue on in its victorious advance, 5:1–10.
Finally, Luke informs us of the renewed health and advancement of the church and of the renewed opposition of the Sanhedrin to the renewed advancement of the church, 5:11–42).
1. The general description of this health (4:32–35)
a. The church was one (was united) (4:32, 34, 35)
(1) They were inwardly one (4:32)—They “were of one heart and of one soul.”
* They were motivated by the same love and energized by the same life.
They were united together inwardly through their love they had for the Lord Jesus.
They possessed the inward unity that is the common possession of all Christians who are yielded to God and filled with the Holy Spirit.
This one love for the Lord Jesus should make us set aside our differences.
They possessed the inward unity that is the common possession of all Christians who are yielded to God and filled with the Holy Spirit.
(2) They were outwardly one (4:32, 34, 35)—The inward oneness was expressed in an outward oneness, in a sharing of material possessions. God, Christ, and believers had “all things common” (that which belonged to one belonged to all).
* The communism of 4:32, 34, 35 was not a forced communism but a voluntary communism, motivated by love and prompted by the belief that the Lord’s return was nigh at hand.
We are a very selfish people. I will lend you something, but make sure i get back, or you repay me.
b. The church was blessed (was favored by God) (4:33)
* “Great grace was upon them all.” God favors and blesses a united church.
c. The church was powerful (was witnessing with power) (4:33)
* “With great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus.” A united and God-blessed church witnesses with power.
2. Barnabas contributor to this health (4:36, 37)
Joseph (called “Barnabas,” a Levite, believed to be the uncle of John Mark, , sold his property and laid the proceeds at the apostles’ feet. This unselfish deed of Barnabas is given here as a contrast to the selfish deed of Ananias and Sapphira reported in the following verses.
1. The deceit of Ananias and Sapphira (5:1–4)—The sin of this husband and wife, members of the Jerusalem church, was not that of refusing to give any of the proceeds from the sale of their possession, nor was it that of refusing to give all of the proceeds, but it was that of pretending to give all of the proceeds when in fact they had given only a part. It was the sin of lying, of hypocrisy, of deceit. Peter called this lie to the church a lie to the Holy Spirit, 5:3, for the Holy Spirit is the leader of the church, ; .
They were pretending to part be something they were not
I wonder how much pretending is going on in the Church today?
Christians pretending they love the Lord when they don’t.
Christians pretending to live for the Lord when their heart is far away from Him
Question to ask yourself, “Lord am I pretending”
2. The death of Ananias and Sapphira (5:3–10)—After Ananias’ lie and his rebuke by Peter, he fell down dead, slain by the Holy Spirit. Three hours later, Sapphira, after lying to Peter and after being rebuked by Peter, also fell down dead, slain by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit indirectly, through Peter, exposed the sin of Ananias and Sappbira. The Holy Spirit then directly slew them.
this is a warning to all of us “our sin will find us out” It will be exposed”
3. The meaning of the death of Ananias and Sapphira—God was judging “sin in the camp” so that the church will continue her victorious advance.
* “He was pruning the vine that it might bear more fruit. He was making some “blessed subtractions” that there might be some more “blessed additions.””
(The following results form a chain, each item being the fruit of the previous one)
1. The church was purified (5:11)—“Great fear came upon all the church.”
The members of the church became careful of their conduct, walking carefully and reverentially before God.
a. These were people that they knew and more then likely respected
b. When you hear of someone falling into sin what is your reaction?
c. It should cause fear in your life.
1 Corinthians 10:12 KJV 1900
Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.
2. The church was unified (5:12)—The unity of the church had been temporarily broken by the action of Ananias and Sapphira.
3. The church was energized (5:12, 15, 16)—God expressed His approval of His purified and united church by performing many signs and wonders by the hands of the apostles.
4. The church was sanctified (5:13a)—Unbelievers no longer carelessly joined themselves to the group of believers but true believers did not hesitate to join them, 5:14.
5. The church was magnified (5:13)—The world is forced to respect a purified, unified, energized, sanctified church. See 2:47; 4:21.
6. The members of the church were multiplied (5:14)—Multitudes of both men and women were added to the Lord (the church, the Body of Christ).
An obedient church is a spirit-filled church; a Spirit-filled church is a pure church; a pure church is a powerful church; a powerful church is a fruitful church (fruitful in making saints out of sinners and in making mature saints out of baby saints).
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