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The necessity of learning in order to mature spiritually.

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Back to School Review

The importance of orientation
Are you registered in God’s school?
Do you know the staff and system of the school (God’s kingdom)
God wants believers to be good students (disciple)
Reminder: The purpose of education
God cares about education.
Why? It is the process that God uses to teach us about Him and the purpose He has for your life. Read Col. 1:28
Part of the process is that He wants all His children (believers) to mature.
Dr. Micheal Mitchell definition of Education: Education is the creative process of utilizing external and internal forces to facilitate the function of teaching and training in promoting and attaining growth and development enabling complete individuals to comprehend, contemplate and contribute to their community and culture.
How does He do it?

What does it take to get good grades?

God gives us the syllabus.
Course syllabus example (Books, assignments and testing)
God has given us His book (the Word) so we can learn.
The reason we need to learn is to be TRANSFORMED
Salvation is not just about heaven, but it is about sanctification (Be like Christ). 1 Peter 1:15-16
The bible was not given for information, but transformation. D.L.Moody
Transformation happens in the heart and the MIND. , (think/Meditate)
Transformation of the mind is stimulated by the Word of God. ;
But in order to let the Word of God transform us, we need to Study it
Teachers in school stimulate studying by giving homework.
Parents beware of schools that are careless in homework

Homework: Learning the Word of God

But in order to let the Word of God transform us, we need to study it
This means we need to Read it!
Read it
Read it aloud! Information comes from hearing (2 Ears).
Information is like a Washington highway (Good and Bad)
GPS says it loudly! The Word of God needs to be delcared aloud like gps!
Reading aloud allows to listen to it better.
Study it
Key word is “rightly” which means accurately!
This means interpreting it correctly
In Context (External evidence, Internal evidence, Word Study, History)
The entire bible not just piece of it? (Recipe book example)
Not just the parts I like or need,but all.
Meditate it (repetition)
This is two-fold
Math time table example (You need to memorize it). ASVAB tutoring example.
Scripture memorization is important to take with you when you do not have the Bible.
Take your time with it.
My pug’s way of eating.
Don’t be a pug when it comes to the Word of God.
Let it examine your heart, mind and soul and ASK, where do I apply it?
Discipline is Needed.
Definition: activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training:
Learning disorder excuse. (Some people put excuss not study the Word)
No matter what learning level you are at; Discipline is required to learn.
You need to take time of dedication or say “no” to certain things (Sleep, games, tv)

Evaluation: Test and Quizzes.

How does a teacher know that a student is learning his material? He gives them an exam. (Sharon Example)
Jesus Christ (God) is our teacher and gives us exam.
The purpose of exams
He wants to know if we know the material? Live by faith and not by sight -
How? By applying the material.
God gives us Faith test
There are Circumstances in life where we need to trust God
Sometimes the exams (trials) are big term papers.
Like the Israelites in the desert (Sickness, Economics, Unanswered Prayer )
Sometimes it is in your soul (Character- Forgiveness, Anger, Bitterness, Walls)
Sometimes it is un-confessed sin in your life
Sometimes they are like pop-quizzes! (Come out of nowhere)
Like a car accident, bad work day, bombed a test?
Sometimes we just never studied!
Maybe you are going through trials because God is trying to get the message across? You need to study! You are not doing your H.W.!!!
But some want to cheat (like Sharon example) God’s test by avoiding it or not obeying it or not applying it!

Sermon Challenges

What grades have you been getting on your faith quizzes?
What grade have you been getting on the Jesus’ Biography?
What grade have you been getting on the Jesus term paper (Be like Jesus)?
Have you been trying to cheat God’s test? ASK ABRAHAM
Have you been good student and had discipline to take time to read, study, meditate the Word? Maybe your failing because you are not studying?
Maybe your failing in life, because Jesus is not your teacher? You are not registered?
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