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The Benefits of Tribulation (2)

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I reckon that the sufferings of this life are not worthy to be compared. There are, as the world sees things, two types of human pain. There is productive pain—the pain, for example, in which a baby is brought into the world. And there is unproductive pain—agony, however inflicted, which is simply senseless, a meaningless misery that adds up to nothing. In the Christian view, there is no such thing as purposeless pain where the people of God are concerned. Present suffering is always related to future glory

Church i submit to you today that your suffering is not in vain. Whatever you are going through has some purpose to it. That in it of itself is a message for many of us. We’ve been struggling through somethings that it seems like we just can’t get out of. We are fighting a fight that we realize that we can’t fight ourselves. And we wonder why isn’t God helping us. We ask ourselves where is God why isn’t He making this better from me. I thought He was a way out of no way God. But then we come to and the first thing Paul tells us is that we have been justified by faith. And because we have been justified by faith we have peace with God. However peace in this case does not mean you won’t go through somethings, it simply just means that your going through has a purpose. And as long as you persevere and put your hope in God not only with you make it out of your struggle but you will become better because of your struggle. I don’t mean to be boastful but i just gave you a word right there. And if everyone got what I just said I can take my seat. But unfortunately it went over some peoples heads so i must keep going.
So lets dig deeper
I. The Hope of God v. 1-2
Before Paul tells us that we are going to go through tribulation he first assures us that God has promised us a place in glory. However notice
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