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The love of God

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One of the basic descriptions of what God is
Ultimate source of our salvation= love of God- reason for election.
Basic duty 10 commands summary - But what is it?
Thoughts - Think about someone
Decisions - Choices about what we do with regards to someone.
Paul’s definition
Longsuffering- Kind
Not – self promoting, rude, touchy, evil thinking
It - Delights in truth rather than sin
It is – Forbearing, Positive, Enduring
10 commands
Love - Is sensitive to authority and position
Values life
Value sexual integrity
Values reality of personal property
Values speech integrity
Realises that these things imply the need for internal integrity of the heart.
This love comes from within the being of God!
There can be love before it is revealed!
Discovery of love….I love you!
Here there is the focus of the love of God the Father- the prayer is that this love may be with us each.
God is one God but within the being of the one God there are 3 distinct eternal persons.
There is an eternal love relationship at the root of the being of God in three persons.
But that love from within the being of God is now intimately connected to the creatures that he has made.
As the Son experienced the love of the Father in eternity past so the Son copies that love in his humanity.
The way we come to know this love is by God’s name (character and actions) being revealed to us.
Jesus declares his Fathers name and that results in his Fathers love coming to be in us.
The Father’s character towards us is revealed at Calvary- not sparing.
This love is poured out in us by the Holy Spirit
This love is revealed by a supreme gift coming from God!
Plan a great gift to someone…. But the gift is still yours until it is actually handed over.
“Delivered up” “Handed over” God delivered up and handed over the gift of his Son to this world…. We cannot see or fully comprehend what that meant- something in Abraham’s experience with Isaac.
East of Jerusalem – opposite the Golden gate on the slopes of Mt of Olives- public garden – park- favourite retreat of Jesus after a busy day in Jerusalem.
This was where he was delivered up:
Arrested - Public betrayal – bitter thing to be betrayed by a close and trusted friend. Abandoned by his disciples. The God- man was bound.
Delivered up to public humiliation and disgrace – course joking, slapped, spat upon, scourged – put into mocking play acts. Publically demonised- “character assassination” when you have power and control of the media you can make the crowds hate a truly good person – appearance was that his whole life and work and mission has ended in disaster and hopeless ruin- hour of darkness – hour of the triumph of darkness.
Delivered up to the death sentence- public hanging – God cursed death.
His Choice – God’s choice-
The love is demonstrated by the cost of the gift
We were given a gift once…when it was opened realised that it was a gift that we had given the previous year!
God’s love all packaged up in one gift given in the heart of the Trinity.
We see that Jesus voluntarily delivered himself up at his arrest – we see a great struggle in Gethsemane – Important to understand the reason for that struggle – important to measure the love that gave itself by seeing exactly what it gave itself to be – “An offering and a sacrifice” Not just a public joke and laughing stock- not just utterly humiliated publically.
Pitch and put
It was much worse.
Gift of something of infinite value – unspeakable gift.
The love of God with us is the same as the God of love being with us
Practical usefulness
Are your eyes opened to see God’s love to you? Look what he has done to demonstrate his great love – think how valuable and precious you must be to Him for Him to do all this
Are we daring to look- long and hard at this? Are we daring to believe it? Seeing God’s love is the way to be loving- The more we look the more we will mimic and imitate. The more secure we are in God’s love the more we will be loving
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