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Sermon 8-2-17 : Joshua and the Trumpets

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Electric Wine Opener
some things surprise us
we don’t know what to do with them; we don’t know how to figure them out
Obstacles in our lives.
hard to see the direct application
I don’t chance upon many walled cities
apparently they hadn’t heard of detours
if you can walk around it, just keep walking
don’t often secure the help of ladies of the night - sometimes, but not often
how does this apply to me?
they’ve got an obstacle, and they need to overcome it
financial obstacles
marriage obstacles
work obstacles
stress is an obstacle
health obstacles
3 Ways to Conquer the Obstacles in our Lives
Remember that this is about what God is doing, not what you can do.
This story open with the revelation that everything that is about to happen is the work of God, not Joshua
It’s easy to want to rely on ourselves when we run up against obstacle
IGNITE’s early struggle and God speaking at the botanical gardens.
Keys to Relying on God
Make it your first priority.
Studies show that people who wake up early tend to be more successful
People who make their bed first thing in the morning tend to get more done.
There’s something about making something your first priority in the day.
What Joshua shows us is that when it comes to seeking God’s help in overcoming obstacles, we have to make working alongside God our first priority
if you’re praying for your marriage to get better, a kind to your spouse needs to be the first thing out of your mouth in the morning
if you’re praying for improved health, exercise first thing, make sure that first meal is a healthy one, schedule a dr. appt without delay
if you’re praying for miraculous hair growth, call Hair Club today!
if you’re praying to grow spiritually, be disciplined about praying first thing, having your devo in the morning, so that nothing can get in the way
get up early if you have to
and if God speaks, then you can’t afford to waste a second
when God spoke to me in the botanical gardens, I couldn’t just go grab lunch, or watch a TV show, I had to jump into scripture and figure out what those words meant that very moment; it was my main focus
Are you making the things you pray for a priority?
Have ridiculous faith.
[Reenact how foolish it looked shouting a wall.]
How dumb would I look if I walked over to this wall and just yelled “ahh!”?
Wheelbarrow story.
Where are you going to have ridiculous faith?
Where are you going to trust God to conquer the obstacles in your life?
This is what Jesus does for us. If he can conquer the grave, he can conquer anything.
Maybe you’ve been relying on yourself too long.
Maybe you’ve been doubting God could do it.
Maybe you’re thinking, “yah baby, that’s my Jesus”
I want you to pray with me.

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