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Proverbs: Wisdom For Living  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  37:12
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Pr 8:1-4; 10:4-5; 12:10-11; 15:19; 22:29; 27:18. Tony van Drimmelen. Jobs, jobs, jobs! We know the WA economy is struggling without them. The pressure on household budgets means we are constantly reviewing our expenses and our income. Does the gospel make any difference to the way we approach our work? Wisdom has something to say about our work. She makes us wise to work in the fear of the Lord. She gives us a vision and greater purpose for the jobs we do every day. Her call is to do our work, to love our work in the fear of the Lord and then, because of the gospel and by His grace alone, to redeem our work from the curse of sin. By looking to Jesus we find a radically new way to interpret all the work of our lives. Once we work out who our real “boss” is, we are liberated from the curse our work has become!

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