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Q: Once compiled, how do I find my book of sermons or illustrations in My Library?

A: Open My Library, sort by author or title, and type your name. Your Sermon File books are titled Sermons of (Your Name) and Illustrations of (Your Name).

Q: Can I share my book of sermons or illustrations with other people?

A: Your book of sermons and book of illustrations are unlocked only to you. They cannot be read by other users.

Q: Can I access my book of sermons or illustrations on my second computer?

A: If your Logos Bible Software licenses are installed on a second computer (e.g., laptop and desktop), you can open and use your Sermon File books on the second computer, whether or not the Sermon File Addin is installed on the second computer. Your Sermon File books reside in My Documents\Libronix Resources.

Q: Can my assistant or someone else enter my sermons for me?

A: Yes. Both users must own a copy of Sermon File Addin. The assistant can enter or import the sermons or illustrations, which produces a set of intermediate files in the directory My Documents\Libronix DLS\SermonFile. These .lbxsfl files can be transferred to your computer where you can open and Compile the files to build the final Libronix books.

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