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A brief study of the transition all members must make if the church is going to grow and accomplish its mission.

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God loves to do - Extraordinary Things with ordinary People.

Present day Examples:
Ben Carson - Surgically separating successfully the first conjoined twins at the head.
Desmond Doss - Saving 75 to 100 men by lowering them down off an escarpment during world war two in the midst of war as he continued to pray after each one.
“Lord let me get one more.”
Friends God desires to do extraordinary things through all of His children if they would just give Him the opportunity.
In the book of Acts we find out what happens as a group of His followers / His church do just that.

Disciples -
Here Jesus clearly describes a disciple as one who understands that upon being taught, they would be expected to teach what they have been taught. Whether formally or informally.
Informal -
This idea of teaching what one is taught is central to the extraordinary things God wants to do and will do through His followers.
Remember Nehemiah he could have stayed in his plush palace continuing to serve the king but instead he had a burden to return to Jerusalem and build the wall, but to do so meant Nehemiah was going to have to teach. He was going to have to instill in people the burden he had. Therefore the mind he had at some point would have to be shared.
So we read:
I did not tell anyone what my God was putting into my mind to do for Jerusalem”… “So we built and the whole wall was joined together to half it’s height, for the people had a mind to work.” ;
This is why Jesus said,
“ Go therefore and make disciples…teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” ,
This principle was carried on throughout the New Testament.
- Paul speaking about the Hebrew Christians.
, - The fulfillment of the covenant
If we are going to see God do extraordinary things through our lives we must make this transition Paul is speaking about.

Can you imagine what a church full of Disciples could do?

Problem - Greeks Jews - There widows were being neglected in the daily distribution of food.
The twelve summon the congregation of the disciples not just a select few.
The disciples were given some advice but they were being empowered to bring about the solution.
The saying pleased the whole congregation.

How many churches have you been apart of that are completely united in a solution when a problem has arisen?

Oh and by the way the solution had nothing to do with the Pastor?
Friends the disciples were looking among the disciples! Do you understand what that means. This is huge for the church today to understand.
What does this mean? Think about the extraordinary things God can do with a church full of disciples. What would the time spent be like during nominating committee time?
Example - Milwaukee Central Nominating Committee
I would just like to bring to your attention 2 of the 7 deacons for a minute. Stephen and Philip
- Stephan is given the gift of prophecy. He is the prophet who finds himself standing at the end of a major prophecy given by Daniel the Prophet.
- Philip becomes the church evangelist. He is given the gift of Evangelism. In we start to see him in the beginnings of his evangelistic efforts.
They were followers became disciples, then became deacons and then were given gifts. The Spirit of God continued to be poured out.
Think about the transition I spoke about earlier and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Beloved they are connected.
Two ordinary people Stephan and Philip doing extraordinary things even though the bible mentions them, God is no respecter of persons He was I sure doing much with the others also. For we read:

Friends they were prepared for the scattering time that was for them just around the corner and beloved I believe that it is just around the corner for us. Jesus is coming Soon and He wants to do extraordinary things with us ordinary people.
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