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The Importance of Learning

Notes & Transcripts

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power commercial example
My family’s exhortation to get an education
Old program’s theme of getting an education (Cosby show, Brady Bunch, Different Strokes)
Where do our children go to get an education? School
What does getting education mean?
School: an institution where instruction is given, especially to persons under college age: an institution where instruction is given, especially to persons under college age:
Second meaning: the activity or process of learning under instruction, especially at a school for the young.
School tries to prepares you for life
Career, find your talent, the basics, Interaction with others, discipline

God Cares About Education

History of Israelite education
This is how they learned about God: (His ways, live godly, know his word, Israelite history, traditions, culture, parenting and how to pass to other generations.
This was important for God, because he was teaching them how to live for Him.
School is for life (Especially God’s University)
We always need to learn, especially about God.
Because God want us to know him? For he is the giver of life! He is the Creator! He know how we tick! (We don’t know it all)

Basic Principles of God’s University (Kingdom of God)

Are you enrolled or registered?
If you are not signed up, you are not allowed in the school. Are you signed up to go to heaven?
Is your name written in the book of life? ,.
Salvation in Christ explain through
Have you been through Orientation?
It is the opportunity to know the school, staff and the system
Do you know the staff?
God is the founder of the school. (He is Creator)
Jesus is the Principle (Lord-King).
The Holy Spirit is the teacher. John.14:26
The system
Each school has their own rules and schedule? (Lunch schedule, after care, Clubs or Sports, Discipline rules, Tardiness)
God’s System is different as well.
Love your enemies.
Forgive those who offended you?
Look at person with lust.
Bless your offender, .
You want to be great, be a servant.
God’s ways are not ours.
The materials are handed out (Books, Information, Lockers)
The Word of God.
Do you have it? Are you reading it? Studying it?
God wants to give you gift and talents. ( )
God wants to show you his purpose for you
God wants us to be a good (faithful) student (Disciple).
Good students honor their teacher’s legacy. Are you honoring your teacher (Jesus) and his legacy?
Maturity not perfection.
A good student is a Learner.
God wants us to learn in knowledge
God wants us to learn in principle (How do I apply it)
You can be very intelligent and not make wise decisions.
Wisdom comes from maturity which leads to fearing the Lord.
Good students are Disciplined
You can’t be a good student without discipline. I Cor. 9:27
You can’t go to sleep when you want or do H.W. when you want or not try to study ?
Spiritual discipline is key to spiritual growth. For example prayer or devotional!
Good students are Obedient
Rebellious student do not excel in school, usually all aspect in life (Same with God)
God honors and blesses obedient people. (Israelites in the OT)
Principles of Obedience
Obedience is better than Sacrifice,
Rebellion is like the sin of witchcraft
God students make a positive Impact in the World
Be a teacher, lawyer, doctor, athlete, mechanic, nurse?
God calls us to be the light of the world! () Make an impact!
Are you making an impact in this world? (Impact does not mean fame or recognition or numbers). Jesus only had 12!!!
Impact means are you letting Jesus shine in your school, family, sports, work, church and the world?

Sermon Challenge

Are children are getting ready to go back to school? Getting ready to go back to learn? Go back to have new experience? Go back to grow and mature?
But God’s children need to go back to school as well? Because LIFE IS TOUGH!!! Sometimes we get in to the mess!!! Because we do not learn?
Are you registered? Have you gone through orientation?
Are you going through orientation?
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