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A Bold Witness

Acts: Be My Witness  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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We left Paul in prison and waiting for a trial
No guilt or breaking of law has been found

A Witness Before Felix

Paul is a plague, stirs up riots, ringleaders of a sect or gang, profanes the temple
Went to Jerusalem to worship not to stir up a crowd or dispute with anyone, was not profane the temple because had been purified and sought to bring an offering to the temple
Paul worships God as does his accusers, Paul believes the Law of God and the Prophets sent from God as does his accusers
Paul Witness about the Gospel
There is nothing in Paul’s speech or conduct that conflicts with what his accusers believe. Paul just realizes that the hope the Jews sought has already come in the person of Jesus Christ. The Jews rejected him, but Paul has believed and is proclaiming that salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ rather than strict observance to the Law.
Personal Witness to Felix
After hearing Paul’s defense, Felix personally sent for Paul to hear him speak about Jesus
Paul boldly proclaimed the Gospel
righteousness, judgement, living as a Christian
While Paul was bold Felix didn’t believe was looking for bribe money from Paul
Felix recognized Paul’s innocence but out his desire to do the Jews a favor (his constituents) he left Pau in Prison for 2 years

A Witness Before Festus

After two years Festus took over as governor
The Jews take their case against Paul to Festus and asked that Paul be taken back to Jersualem so that they could ambush them along the way and kill Paul
Festus and the Jews went to Caesarea to see Paul and again Paul had a defense
Paul’s Defense
He had not broke the Jewish law, had not commited crime against the temple, had not broken any Roman law
Again the Jews could not prove anything they were accusing Paul of
Festus tried to get Paul to go back to Jersualem because he wanted to do the Jews a favor but Paul, being a Roman citizen Paul appealed to Cesar.
Paul wan’t trying to escape punishment or death, but only if he had committed crimes. He wanted to go to Rome to proclaim the Gospel.
Because of the law, Paul was granted his request of his case to be heard and tried in Rome. Not because he thought he would have a better outcome, but because it would get him to Rome

A Witness Before Agrippa

In sending a prisoner to Rome, formal charges were to be made so the Jewish king came to help out Festus
Festus shared with the king all that had gone on and the king desired to hear from Paul himself
Paul’s Defense
Paul begins with things that would be well know by the Jews
Paul was a Pharisee, the strictest to the law
He previously lived in opposition to Jesus
He persecuted Christians
He approved of the murder of Christians
He is on trial regarding something God promised to the father of these Jewish people which is that the dead should be resurrected
Paul’s Conversion and Vision from God
Paul says he was being obedient to the vision from God and proclaiming the Gospel
Paul proclaimed faith in Jesus, repentance, and obedience to God
For this reason the Jews arrested Paul
Paul ends with what the old testament or what the Prophets said that the Jews fully believe.
Agrippa’s Response
Paul is out of his mind
Paul defends against this by saying look at all the things that have happened that you couldn’t have missed
He asked the Jewish king if he believes the prophets which he would have and therefore should mean that he believes Paul. Paul is asking do you believe what I say and do you want to believe in Jesus Christ?
Agrippa says that it is too short for that kind of commitment in the time they had. But Paul knew what he was doing and said that whatever time his desire was for all the believe and trust in Jesus Christ.


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