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The Forgotten Way

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The forgotten way

Jesus’ followers, after his resurrection, were called: ‘the people of the Way’ before later being called Christians.
Joy and peace should be a state of living in the Spirit. not subject to our emotions during storms and trials.
Love should flow from us obvious to anyone we encounter.
These should be ours experiencing triumph in this life.
The lies that blind us to the truth need to be exposed so we can actually believe the truth of who we are.


We say we believe a set of concepts, but what we are experiencing in this world does not match this.
We should be basking in our father’s love. Not fearful constantly.


Our Father loves us how he asks us to love others.
We need to forget what we think we understand about God, in order to really experience the love God wants to give us.
Until we have a more realistic understanding of who God is, we can’t have a realistic understanding of who we are as his sons.
We do not have to strive to become something to be accepted by God, because submitting to and communing with God thru the Spirit is the loftiest thing we will ever do.
Striving to be accepted by God is denying who we already are. Striving to be accepted is always futile, because we actually already are accepted.
This involves a shift in our perception of us/God, not truth.
It is not until we believe/trust/love God that we can love who we are in God, freeing us to love others in God.
Do we actually believe in Jesus? or only believe many things about him?
We are living in the corrupted bodies we were born in. When saved, God just sees us with the bodies we will have. Sanctification is working with God to align ourselves as much as possible now.
Have we become so fixated on what we will be in the next life, that we are distracted from seeking that love in this life?
We each choose to participate or not on a journey of being reborn into new awareness of who we are in Christ.
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