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Helping Others

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Date:  May 19/20, 200 7


Title:  Helping Others

Theme:  Donating Food

Verse:   Matthew 25:40  “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of  the least of these brothers of mine, you did to me.”

Object:  Enough food for the food shelf for each child to put a “Faith Creek” sticker on it.

“Faith Creek” stickers for each child to have two.


At the end of each Faith Creek year, I usually give each of you a little toy/gift.  This year, I felt like we could use this money to purchase a few groceries for children who don’t’ have much food at their houses. 

During the school year, these children usually have their best meal when they are in school.  Now that school is ending, they won’t have that meal.  They may get very hungry during the day. 

I am going to give each of you two stickers.  One sticker will be put on a grocery item from the stack and donated it to the Messiah Food Pantry.   Sticker number two is to take home.  When you get home, put the sticker on a grocery item and bring it back to church the next time you come.  This will help children and their families have food through the summer. 

Each week you come to church this summer, bring a box or can of food that can be shared with the Messiah Food Shelf.

There is a box by the entrance next to the door downstairs and next to the door up here.

After we pray, with the help of a couple adult volunteers, to pass out stickers, each one of you will take something out of the stack,  carry it to the area outside the worship center, put your sticker on the food, and bring it to the food box by the door downstairs.

Please remember to throw the small backing paper in the garbage to protect our environment.

Prayer:  God, we give this food to help families in need.  Bless this food and the family who eats it.  Amen.

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