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Good Intentions

Brick by Brick: Rebuilding the Broken  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  41:48
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EJ Boston discusses the emotional high point of the book of Nehemiah, but more than summarizing the prayer, he explains why it's been included in the book--and how it points us to Jesus

Notes & Transcripts
"Good Intentions" Nehemiah 9:1-38 A NEW BEGINNING (8:18-9:5) (Please use the space provided to write notes of interest.) COVENANT CONFESSION: (Do not try to record all information, instead record the reference and the goal... the sermon will be available online in several days.) ​Noahic Genesis 9 Goal: Preservation of life 1A: Human conditions: None 1B: Divine conditions: Never destroy the earth with a flood 2A: Human conditions: do not take lifeblood of mankind 2B: Divine conditions: keep account of all lifeblood Abrahamic Genesis [12,] 15, 17 Goal: Blessing of the nations 1A: Human conditions: None 1B: offspring as numerous as the stars, the land of Canaan, Blessing/Cursing 2A: Human conditions: Circumcision 2B: Divine conditions: Land as everlasting possession, divine protection, royal offspring Mosaic Exodus 19-20, 31-34 Goal: Holy Nation (sacred example) 1A: Human conditions: None 1B: Divine conditions: rescued from the land of Egypt 2A: Human conditions: obey [10 commandments] 2B: Divine conditions: make Israel treasured possession a kingdom of priests, a holy nation 3A: Human conditions: worship God alone 3B: Divine conditions: do marvels, clear the land Aaronic (Priestly) Exodus 28-29 [cf. Numbers 16-17] Goal: Right relationship between God & man A: Human conditions: priestly garments, proper sacrifice B: Divine conditions: dwell among Israel & be their God, make known himself Davidic​ 2 Samuel 7 [cf. Deuteronomy 17] ​Goal: ​Everlasting Peace A: Human conditions: None B: Divine conditions: secure land, secure peace, everlasting throne of David, discipline iniquity, constant love ​I HEREBY VOW: (In a time of emotional and spiritual height, Israel makes a significant vow.​ Drawing encouragement from the grace of God and his faithfulness to Abraham, they envision themselves as the new representatives of the Mosaic covenant established in the Law [10 Commandments]. Perhaps in times, you have made a similar vow. Feel free to write that vow here.) X  (Your Name Here) ANTICLIMAX
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