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Psalm 2

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The New Testament ascribes this Psalm to David and frequently quotes this Psalm when speaking of Jesus as the Son of David and the Son of God.
We see that the promises given to David are fulfilled in Christ.
The Psalmist addresses three main points throughout , in which I will go into further detail. The three points point to the theme of Kingship and that the Lord reigns supreme.
The three points are as follows:
Enemies of God (1-3)
The Lord’s anointed (4-9)
Call to repentance and faith in the God of Israel (10-12)

Enemies of God (1-3)

David begins the Psalm by addressing the nations that rage against the Lord and his anointed. The kings organize amongst themselves and lead the nations to a plot in vain.
The Psalmist brings an awareness to the reader of the wickedness that surrounded God’s anointed and reveals the sinfulness of the nations who wanted to “burst their bonds apart and cast away their cords”.
This term is a metaphor for rebellion. The nations are in absolute rebellion against the Lord and his anointed, who was David.
God had anointed David and placed him on the throne, the nations around did not recognize the Holy transaction that occured between the Creator and his king. David also alludes to a greater King who will reign as the Lord’s anointed.
Interesting that Jesus also uses similar language in , reminding his hearer that if they are hated by the world to remember that the world hated him first. This scripture is a fulfillment of the hatred by the nations in .
The Lord responds to the nations rage by reminding them of his anointed who will reign in Zion, both in the present and for eternity. Lets look at verses 4-9.

The Lord’s anointed (4-9)

Call to repentance (10-12)


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