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What Can the Righteous Do?

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I. Look to the Lord for preservation. (Vv 1-3)

II. Look to the Lord for judgment. (Vv 4-7)

Big Idea: Don’t panic, but look to the Lord.

Study Guide
1. Why were people encouraging David to “flee like a bird to the mountain” (v. 1)? How does David respond to them (v. 1)?
2. What does David’s question in verse 3 tell us about the seriousness of his predicament?
3. Why did David need to remind himself “the Lord is in His holy temple and the Lord’s throne is in heaven?” How might such a reminder help us face difficulty?
4. Have you ever been tempted to doubt that “the Lord approves of the godly but hates the wicked and those who do violence”? Why?
5. How does knowing that God’s “eyes examine all people” give an answer to David’s predicament in verse 3?
6. Does verse 6 make you uncomfortable? How should we relate to those who oppose us?
7. How does knowing that “the upright in heart will experience his favor” encourage us to persevere in serving the Lord in the face of adversity?
8. What truths about God should you meditate on when you are tempted to think that the wicked are going to win in the end?
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