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Then What?

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Living for eternity brings Glory to God.

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context: Walk through verse 20:22:
-Wish to see Jesus…seeking Jesus....May we come into this mission trip seeking to see Jesus.
-Be people who bring people to Jesus....
Verse 28: What in the world is....Jesus saying about wheat?!!?!? Working for some farmers, is crazy to me the planting season.........All that you have to go through....then you acualty plant the seed…AND WAIT....then its amazing what comes of it..........
-Jesus is saying unless I die and am buried in the grown.....The blessing of salvation for me wont happen......
dieing to self is involved in giving glory to God.
verse 28:
God’s children are like seeds. They are small and insignificant, but they have life in them, God’s life. However, that life can never be fulfilled unless we yield ourselves to God and permit Him to “plant us.” We must die to self so that we may live unto God (; ). The only way to have a fruitful life is to follow Jesus Christ in death, burial, and resurrection.
Wiersbe, W. W. (1996). The Bible exposition commentary (Vol. 1, p. 342). Wheaton, IL: Victor Books.
Verse 25:
Comfortable vs. comforable
my will God’s will
My glory God’s glory
Selfish self giving
World minded enternity minded
-See we will remain alone....distant looking and thinking of only us and the hear and now......
2. dyeing to self is not easy…pray
-But God’s glory is way more reflection your glory or God’s character more important to us?
3. encouragement for living eternal for God’s glory.
Look at what Jesus has done for you......broke the enemies voice of accusations
brining light to your path
Honor coming to him
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