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Im not in this by myself

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Daneil 3

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Stand for something or fall for anything

Jesus Is in the Fire with you

The same men that through them in the fire got burned up them self
Tell somebody you better be carful how you handle someone like me
Becouse the same mess you try to get me cought up in will be the same mess that will take you
Grandmom say what go around will come bak around
They was tied up before getting in the fire , tried up why been throw in the fire
But when the king look in he see them walking free
Your emnay cant understand how you still walking when you should we crawling
How you still shouting when you should be crying
how you still loving when you should be hating
howyou still coming to work after they mess treated you
How you still smiling when the doctor gave you a bad report
how you still serving when you should be seating down somewheere
The was tied up but they was walking free
We got some stuff that had us tired up and the only way we going to get loose is sometime God have to put you in the fire and let it burn it off you

When you come out you want smell like smoke

The fire just cause you a promote

The story of the grandfather and grandson
They say i cant take you out but they never said i cant get in there with you
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