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Introduction: The Relevance of Titus

Titus’ Strength
Titus was tough but quiet. You probably know the type. He was not the type to be in the lime light. In the entire book of Act (which details all of Paul’s missionary journeys, Titus is not mentioned once. But Titus was very involved in the Lord’s work, in the way the his strengths called for.
Titus delivered the sever letter to Corinth. ()
Titus corrected the issues at Corinth. ()
Titus probably helped with famine relief.
Titus probably helped with famine relief. ()
Titus was left to oversee the church in Crete. ()
Titus’s role was straitening up Corinth when Timothy could not. Timothy was more “bookish,” like me, while Titus was the strong austere leader. Both have a responsibility in God’s people. Today, I want to pinpoint the Titus’s in the church. Don’t tune out if you are a Timothy! More quiet, but very respected.
Titus’ Mission
Titus’ Mission
False teachers surrounded Titus.
Fellow believers were immature and foolish.
Titus (the book, which is actually a letter) was written by who? Paul. Remember that Titus was quiet and austere, he wasn’t the kind to write down a lot. Many of you could probably relate.
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