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Why is it as we get smarter as humans, we get dumber. Rejecting the message of Christ crucified is the ultimate foolishness.

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I) Introduction

II) The message is foolish

To the nonbeliever
The Message is a THING of divine power.
How did it spread?
Not by force
but by fishermen
It spread by the power of God
Men have died to keep the gospel going
The New Park Street Pulpit Sermons, Vol. III Christ—The Power and Wisdom of God (No. 132)

“The blood of the martyrs” has been “the seed of the Church.”

5. Persecution of the churches own

III) Wisdom is foolish

to the nonbeliever
The Bible

IV) Christ crucified is foolish

To the nonbeliever
doubts of others
not elect
not redeemed
not called
ILL: Man is Prison
ILL: Mother and Child
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