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Hopeful Brokenness

False Self, Real Self, True Self  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  45:12
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As we come out from hiding behind out false self, the first step is to be honest about who we actually are. That's what it means to live in the real self.

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 2017-07-23 1 BROKEN HOPEFULNESS False Self, Real Self, True Self 2 STEPPING AWAY FROM THE FALSE SELF 1 The false self is: Any disguise that we hide behind in order to get what we want or avoid what we don’t want Any mask that we use that covers our pride and fear, our wounds, or our needs Any identity that we assume other than our true identity in Christ: the forgiven and unconditionally beloved child of God The first step out of hiding is honesty with our real self 3 THE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL 1 God gives young believers spiritual pleasure (the “bottle”) to encourage participation in key spiritual activities Converts usually get a “bigger” bottle because they need the extra help God doesn’t want to keep you on the bottle because it hinders true transformation In the dark night, God starts to take the bottle away Spiritual dryness Previously hidden faults get pushed up “above the waterline” 4 THE REAL SELF 1 The real self is both: The vulnerabilities, weaknesses and sin that sent us scurrying for the cover of the false self, and God’s glorious gifts in our self, including our talents, passions, and character 5 LIVING IN THE REAL SELF 1 Living in the real self is accepting the reality of who we are right now, that we are a mix of dignity and depravity It is neither denying the reality of sin or dismissing it as OK Hopeful brokenness: Peter vs Judas It’s messier than living in the false self, but at least it’s honest Although uncomfortable for others in our life, it invites them to be honest too 6 PRACTICE: EXAMEN 1 1. Awareness of the presence of God (Psalm 139:1-12) 2. Thankfulness for the good things in us and around us (vv 13-18) 3. Honesty about the dark places (vv 19-24) 7 SUMMARY “To the degree we honestly face our false self, and live humbly and hopefully in our real self, God releases our true self, deepening our intimacy with Him and others, and propelling us towards our created potential.” - Nathan Shattuck 1
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