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Freedom and Responsibility

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Freedom and Responsibility

1st Corinthians 8-10


The man that repaired our TV’s and radios was named Herbie Moon.  Herbie was also a preacher and was asked on one occasion to hold our revival.  One night, he told of something from his experience that helped illustrate his point.  There had been a pretty bad storm come through the area and many of the TV antennas in the community had been damaged.  Herbie was so busy repairing everyone else’s antenna that he had no time for his own.

A young couple moved into the house across the street from Herbie.  Discovering that he was the number one TV man in town, the fellow decided to follow Herbie’s example.  He put up his antenna, pointed it the same direction, and then broke off two of the arms on one end.  He supposed that Herbie must know something more than the average and followed his example.

Whether we like it or not, others watch what we say and do.  If we set a poor example, they may be tempted to follow.


I.                   To Eat Or Not To Eat


II.                 Three Viewpoints


A.     Human intellect is not sufficient (8:1-3)

B.     Theology won’t always work (8:4-7)

C.     Not free to do anything we choose (8:8-12)


III.              Paul’s Personal View (9:1-27)


1.      What freedoms do Christians have?

2.      Where do our freedoms begin and where do they end?

3.      What was the issue being faced by the Church at Corinth?

4.      How did Paul address their problem?


Summary:  Read 1 Corinthians 10:32-11:1


Why would anyone be willing to so submit?

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