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Faith Living Part 2

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Good morning. Happy Sunday, everybody. Let us all stand and sing praise and worship.

Lori Hollinger

baby cousin

You're the reason why.

You're the reason why.

And when we cross that River.

You're the reason why I sing.

You're the reason why.



No matter what the problem.

when you say

cool wagons

What is Austin?

do the

Now I come in your name.

In Georgia on your way.

On my way.

I got to talk.

I got it song.

Just Shout.

You know what? The song said when you shout they got to come down. Whatever the giant happens to be when you shout it has to come down and there was a time when there was a verse that was that was up on the screen that was stuck for a minute and I was I was looking at it and it and it just talked about how Giants in your life will die. No matter what it is. The Giant in your life will die whether it's sickening. It's whether it's frustration because of relationship whether it's financial problems. If you speak to that thing in the holy spirit that thing will come down. Does that make sense? You know, the praise team was ministering and out as that one verse was stuck. I said I was standing there going God why why this verse he said look at it if you shout The Giants going to come down so I don't know what you doing with but let stand to your feet and let's give God some praise. Let's shout some of this stuff down that you're going through just give praise just shout whenever it is financial problems health problems marital issues relationship issues neighbors or just shot that thing that you're trying to make decisions about where you going and what shot that thing down that giant that's trying to take over if you speak to that thing the Bible says if you shall have you speak to that mountain be thou removed it will get up and move over into the sea. That's how much power you have. So we have to shout some of this stuff down. We can't sit back and take over we have to use the gifts that God has given to us. Amen. Amen. So so do we have our instructions for children's church today? We do. Okay. So we going to dismiss our kids we going to bless our children. So all our young people. Yeah just stand and the young people. Yeah, I just didn't go on go on the children shirt everybody in here young a man. Y'all just stand up whoever's going to children's church and and and goat meat since the game. I'm back in the back a man. a man children's church kids world. So give me a second before y'all head out. Let's let us bow our heads and pray for our young people father. We thank you for these young minds in these young hearts that you have blessed this ministry with we pray for the instructors who have been given charge to teach in to educate them in the word of God. So I pray right now Lord as they are being dismissed in are dismissed for kids world that there are focused. The devil will have no say in their class. They will be on point with everything. They will be a tentative and alert and God I pray that as your word Goes Forth in their hearts that it would take residence and where they go into class. They won't come out the same way that a word of God has taken a seed in their heart Lord and and and now the job will be for it to be water. So we bless them as they are. They are dismissed the children's church and we pray for God that you would work a miracle in their lives in Jesus name that everybody say man. Alright, we going to continue on in our series called Faith Living Faith living say faith living. And so are foundational scripture for today will be Hebrews chapter 11 and verse number one. That's a familiar passage of scripture and I ask that you stand and read this with me Hebrews chapter 11 verse 1 and if you don't have it in your Bibles, well if you have it in your Bibles cuz it's in the Hebrew if you don't have a Bible is what I meant to say. It'll be up on the screen here. So let's read that together Hebrews chapter 11 verse 1 now Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not singing. Let's say it one more time. Now Faith is the substance of things. Hope for the evidence of Things Not Seen Narcan fashion of Faith as we're talking about faith. I want you to repeat this after me. I am not move. By what I see. or by what I feel I am moved by what I believe. I believe the word of God. The victory is mine. I have it now. I can see it through the eyes of my face. in Jesus name A man you may be seated in the presence of the Lord. so

You know in in John chapter 10 verse 27. Jesus says that my sheep hear my voice.

And sometimes many people are concerned about whether or not they're hearing from from the word of God Amen. But the Bible clearly says that my sheep hear my voice. And that's what we have to stand on it. When when God speaks to us through the holy spirit that it is the voice of God because we belong to him. We are his Sheep. Amen. We are his sheep. And so the devil will try to to make us doubt what God is saying to us when we when we clearly belong to God because we have accepted Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior. So when God speaks to us, you can count it that it's real. Okay, these other the noise that you hear from all this other stuff, you can block out because when you belong to God and God speaks to you, that's for you. Does that make sense? All right, so I have to say that because as we talked about faith in and as we continue to talk about faith and as we build this ministry on faith, cuz that's the only way this ministry is going to grow is when we all believe by faith that whatever God is doing in your life. In this ministry in the community, we can trust it if it lines up with the word of God. Does that make sense? Everything has to line up with the word of God? Because if it if it's something else then they can be on sinking sand. But when it when the foundation of whatever you're doing whether it's business or marriage or your finances or whatever. It happens to be if you build it on what the word of God says that solid foundation. Doesn't make sense. So now last week we talked about to have faith is to have unwavering belief in what the word of God says, but you cannot have faith in faith. You must have faith in an object and the object of what we have faith in is God. So you can't just say I have faith that that's not biblical faith that that's human Faith. But we're talking about biblical Faith here where you must have faith in something a man. And so the first thing that we want to talk about having faith in is the having God as the object of your faith in John chapter 14. First number one the Bible says let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God. You believe in God. The object of your faith is God your heart shouldn't be trouble if the object of your faith is God if you believe in God and that's the object of your faith your heart not be troubled. The Bible says let not your heart be trouble. If you believe in God also believe in me. Jesus is saying if you can believe in God, then you can believe in me is that makes it so the object of my face is my belief in God cuz if I can

Believe God for everything else that he is. He says in this world and it's so we have to quit being what I called Baby Christian when all we can believe in Salvation. Who farts is it the only thing you have faith in is that I'm saving you you eliminate 99% of the Bible cuz you have no faith in that. For you to go to God and say I believe you and this one area, but I'm doubting everything else. Does that make sense? So so we run around and we worry about areas that we we we the Bible says I got this if you just trust me and believe me in this area just like you trust me and believe that you say.

It so you have to have an object. I have to believe in God and everything not just in one area.

Object of my faith is God.

Not a second object the face. Is Jesus Christ? Sewing John chapter 6 verse 29 the Bible says Jesus answered and said to them. This is the work of God that you believe in him whom he sent that you believe in him whom he said in other words. He saying that you believe in me meaning Jesus Christ. So when Jesus speaks a word as a as a sheep of God, you must believe it.

Alright, let's go to Acts chapter 20 verse 21. The Bible says testifying to the Jews and also to the Greeks repentance towards God and Faith. They face towards our Lord Jesus Christ. So clearly have faith in Jesus Christ is God Jesus Christ. So if I'm going to have faith in anything, I'm going to have faith in God and I'm going to have faith in Jesus Christ. And how do I have faith by reading his word is that makes sense? Because we're going to go to that next level wherever you at. You've got to have something to stand on.

This fate they were talking about this faith is a commitment of your total being and your life to Jesus Christ. You must With this thing. You cannot have Solid Faith in one area and wavering everywhere else you must have across-the-board in God and Jesus Christ The problem is this we we we we we we're trying to win trying to humanize this thing and the human the humanity part of it. It makes us Wonder areas in our life. When it's good, it's good. But when it's bad we fall off but here's a deal you should have faith when it's good.

Does that make sense? Matter what's going on? And you can't let people speak into your life something other than what the word of God is said. Does that make sense? See people come to you in?

That's what I believe a man. We need to raise up a generation of faithful people not faithless people. We got a generation of people who are down in the word of God and following after everything else.

Look at your neighbors. Are you committed to face?

And this thing this face thing if we get this if when we get this, right? When we get this Faith thing right this facing. It takes the pressure off you trying to do everything. Because then you can turn to God and said here's what your word says. I have faith in your words. I have faith in you got not only in in my salvation my children. I have faith in you. And not only in Salvation, but how to be a husband or wife. I have faith in you got in trying to handle my finances because your word tells. Do my finances I should be the head and not the tail. I have faith in that. Wavering and believe the word of God for what it says. right in the dimension that God has called us to

it's funny how we can walk around and say we say Sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit, but when When God says go out and love we have a challenge with that. When God says go out and give we have problems with the when God gives us direction or I don't know then and we running around trying to get everybody to buy into what God told you they will never do. Does that make sense?

You know what? It's a commitment. You have to make a commitment to God. You can't have God part time in the world the other half. It won't work like that. We have to be fully committed who would want to be in a relationship with somebody who's not fully committed to them.

Look in a marriage when somebody said you know, what as long as you doing something for me, then I'll be good to you. Doesn't work like that doesn't work. It doesn't work like that when when you if you're in a relationship and you never see the person.

What been committed is about?

You need to be committed not to the same as I don't know if I committed to God. Does that make sense? not not if we put that mirror up and look at ourselves there areas in our lives where Some areas. We have fully committed to God and other areas were floundering. And I'm challenging all of us. To have full commitment to God in every area of your life. Is that make sense?

The third object of your face should be the gospel of Mark chapter 1 verse 15 says Insane the time is fulfilled and the kingdom is the kingdom of God is at hand repent and believe in the gospel. That's the good news. That's it. It covered the gospel covers everything that we need. You have to bleed and if you Thank you. Holy Spirit. If you believe you save why are we having a hard time telling other people?

Why is it if you believe you said cuz if you if you like a good movie, you have no problems telling people about the good movie. But if you were saying why do to tell people why we say it's and who saved us. Do you believe in the sea?

Believe in you will move mountains to make it happen. When people come to me and tell me oh, well I got, but I guess that means you're not bothered by me and you bought into the point where it's comfortable for you, but if you have to move out of your comfort zone, then you have an excuse when it comes to Jesus. You have to be 100% bought in no matter if you on top or down below no matter if you end up the courtroom you and your neighbor's house. You have to be bought in the Christ.

The fourth object of your face should be the promises of God. looking Romans chapter 4 verse 21 the Bible says in being fully convinced that what he had promised. He was able to perform. you have to be bought in to know that if God promised you something he can do what he

you can't sit there and say Lord. Can you what you bless me with this thing knowing that he heard it and then when it Have been for me.

I mean, that's how we treat God. We want. To jump through hoops. Just like that. But sometimes God is it is record. You can learn some things. Waiting is the hardest thing for Christians today. What's the hardest think he can do it?

The issue is not. And it never will be. The issue is always ask and her patients.

Picture of being fully convinced not partially convinced being fully convinced that what he had promised. He was able to perform. in Hebrews chapter 11 verse 13 the Bible says All died in faith not having received the promises. I want you to see that there was something that came before us died in and say they haven't received the promise, but they believed enough. Where is your belief? Where are you at? If that's nothing everything out from under you when you still lift your hands and give him praise. I like things that happened to you that you you're like well why me what what it means when you still honor him and bless him. Will you be fully committed?

That's what he's looking for. That's enough folks walking around. Well, if if he'll do this for me, then I'll do this then work like that. You got to believe first and then it'll show up. a man The Bible says he's all done in faith not having received the promise but haven't seen them a far-off. We're short of them embrace them and confessed them that they were strangers and pilgrims on this Earth. I love the scripture because it reminds me this way. Say my home. Just as a side note when you start building everything up. Pier and you don't know what's around the corner cuz what's around the corner might take you out of here. If you put spend all your time building stuff up here on this Earth and you spend no time building up your eternal. home

I'm talking to some folks here. It ain't all about what's here. Hey, man, you've got to spend some time building up Eternity for where you're going. Does that make sense and you can't do it unless you spending time with God and reading his word? believing and having faith in him because there's enough folks out there who are full of religion. And have no relationship and still is confused when stuff happened to him cuz they thought their religion was going to get them to the next level. That's not going to happen.

It's all about your face till your name. It's all about your faith.

Find something interesting in the Bible. The Bible says it's impossible to please God without faith. Look at Hebrews chapter 11 verse 6. It says, but without faith, it is impossible. Hear me it is impossible. No, y'all didn't hear me. It's impossible to please God. I don't care. What you doing without faith. It's impossible. Somebody might might tell you all my brothers in the church, but if you don't have faith you not pleasing God.

Again, I hope I have some folks who can handle the truth cuz like I tell you what go to church where they'll tell you a lie. I hope I have some folks ready to hear the truth here so they can operate and Truth. The Bible says it is impossible to please him for he who comes to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. So you got some folks around you running around doing Church stuff, but have no faith in God.

You understand what I'm saying? You can be busy doing a lot of stuff. There are bunch of folks who are active in the community with no faith in God and if they read the scripture Define that they're not pleasing God.

You're doing what pleases man? amen

Please God without faith. The faith were talking about is living and active Faith to Faith that knows God and follows God in communes and fellowship with God. So don't matter what you do. I'm telling you all this I could get up here and preaching Tom blue in the face if I don't have I'm not pleasing him. Do you hear what I'm saying? Do you hear what I'm saying? So it requires me to check where my face is examine myself to even examine whether or not I'm in face. And so some of us who think win Faith should go back to the Bible online up your life with the word of God to find out if you're pleasing God.

I'm challenging us. I'm really challenging this cuz I could give you a cute little message that says I have hope. You do that. Because each one of us has been called to do at work, but we have to we have to move in faith because there will be what you doing for the kingdom of God, and if you don't operate by faith, it will move. What God has called you to do to doing something to please man?

This is why I don't have time to play with people anymore. I don't have the time. I have to tell you the truth. That's what God is calling us to do. and if it's harsh this song Pray For Me. But I will give you what the Bible says. Amen. Amen. They like I wish you would quit yelling.

If he if he would just quit yelling and you know uses inside voice Alright say faith living. Go to 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 verse 7. And imma read this out of the Amplified translation cuz I want you to see you the Bible says for we walk by faith our lives have to be based on faith. That's what the walk means that your life. It's not something that you do every now and again for we walk by faith. We regulate are lies and conduct ourselves by our conviction or belief respecting man's relationship to God and divine things with trust and holy fervor. That's we walk not by sight or appearance. This this Faith life has to be how we regulate ourselves how we conduct ourselves how we act how we talk how we think we have to operate with with with the sole purpose of pleasing God. Your problem today is again. Some of us don't know who the Please We're hearing voices, but we're not sure if it's from God or if it's from the Devil is from the world. It's just from yourself from you want to do what when you are a child of God. The Bible says my sheep hear my voice.

Not be what you want to hear right now, but it's the truth. Hey, man, can you can have a lot of fat but then there is biblical truth. Some people say, oh, well the fax I did but what is the truth of the word of God? So then the question becomes are we conducting Our Lives by our conviction that we believe in God totally. All right.

Who won that really throws people for a loop tithing?

It just throws people for the ball my God, you know, you don't have to do that. It's giving enough. What does the word of God say? That's it. Just go if you want, what does the word of God say? Here's another one. This is one of the faster you got to get with the times here. Well, the Bible says you need to marry before you have sex.

Oh, you don't understand Pastor. I got to test it out before, you know, I'll buy it.

What does the Bible say about how can you be a Christian and not follow what the Bible says?

How can you justify doing all kind of worldly things and call yourself a Christian?

You don't have to conduct yourself by your conviction. Obviously, if you believe that you're not bothering to God. You got into some form of God's that works for you. Let me let me create job for myself what God says I can do this. I can do this and I'll pick this pieces of Athens Pizza. This is how I live my life. That's not the truth.

That is not the truth. And then you come and try to convince other people. You know what I mean? Tell some of y'all this not y'all not nobody here. But when I say y'all I'm in the collective people who come to me with all that craziness just because I do like this don't mean I agree with you.

You hear me? Just cuz I just cuz I give you an audience to listen that I listen. Don't mean I agree with you. a man But at the right time I'll bring the truth of the word to you. Amen. Sometimes people think I told the pastor this and he just did like this.

Don't be fooled. Amen Let me take some photos. I wasn't born yesterday. Maybe the day before but I wasn't born yesterday.

Tell your neighbor everything should be done in faith.

Look at word Romans Chapter 14 verse 23 says but he who doubts is condemned if he eats because he does not eat from Faith. Here's the here's the portion. I want you to see if for whatever is not from faith is sin.

You see it in the text Roman chapter 14:23 highlighted in your Bible. Make a note of it. Go back to it. Pray over it. Whatever is not from faith is sin. Well, I don't see it. I don't wait. Are you operating faith in your finances and your marriage with your children on your job? If not, then you sent it.

You know, there's a blessing of being faithful. In Matthew chapter 25 verse 21 the Bible says his lord said him and it and this is the context of the scriptures, you know about the talents, you know, how you know, he's the parable of the talents. So when it was all said and done and I want to go back and read what was all said and done there were those who operated by faith in doubles with god what the what the master had left for them? And so he says look at his lord said to him well done. Good and religious person. Oh good and church-going person. The Bible says good and faithful servant.

You were Faithful over a few things. I will make you ruler over many things enter into the joy of your lord. But you got to be faithful over a few things before he makes you ruler over many things some of us can't get the faith of her little and we want it all.

The blessing is this if we're Faithful over what he's giving us right now. He will increase. Hey, man, if you Faithful over wherever your finances are, wherever they're at. If you're faithful, he will increase if you're faithful over your marriage, no matter what he will be if you were faithful taking care of your children. They will be a blessing because he will take care of does that make sense? There's a blessing and being faithful. There's a blessing in walking in faith. There's a blessing and not worrying but trusting God there's a blessing and when the object of how you live is God when I think of how you live is Jesus Christ when the object of how you live is the gospel when the object of how you live in the promises of God. There's a blessing in that And let me tell some of us this everyone won't understand why you are trust in God because they would want you to be in the same situation is there in broke?

You know. Like Minds, you know the supposed to like to be in horrible relationships. Amen right stick, you know, they want you to be full of diabetes pills and you name it. They want you taking all of that stuff. Come on y'all but when God is clearly giving us the definition of how to operate in health. Amen, and I know we got some nurses here, but I don't think it's something to brag about when you sit around and talk about how many how much medication you take? I don't see how that's something to brag about a man when I take these minute and you can name them in the you almost you talk almost like it's an award you get no. We supposed to be healthy and so we got to watch the medical industry. We got to watch what they're given to us. Because if it don't line up maybe the word of God has something for us and now I'm not saying you go and change it become a vegan and you know, I'm saying though, it is not what God intended for us to be sick. Steven say I want my people sick. He said he want them healthy prosperous. And so we have to go back and say what what does the word of God say Maybe you know some of the decisions I know I'm not I eat bad. I'm being transparent, you know, and I know the stuff that's in some of the meeting and foods that we will have an impact on me. So I've got to be wise and go back and see if I can't eat all of that or as much of that. Does that make sense? Because you know, I know what my parents went through. I know my dad my dad die from Alzheimer's and my mom died from lupus so that stuff exist and they and I'll never forget. Let me just say this. My mom had a medicine cabinet that has so much stuff in it. I think she knew what to take and when to take it. That's why it's important that we take care of our seniors. Does that make sense now? I got all off on that subject. Thank you. Holy Spirit, but that was for somebody if you're if you're wondering about whether or not you should make sure your mom grandma and granddaddy whatever is taking care of them. That's God speaking to you said go do it. Amen, and it if y'all don't turn you over to sister bath.

Does that make sense?

So we talked about faith.

And we talkin about faith living which is active. And we're talking about trusting God. We're talking about trusting the word of God, and we're talking about not wavering. And we're talking about that being our life. Now I'm fighting. And pray for us to have faith be our life. I'm fighting and I'm asking you to join with me in this battle because the world would would love to destroy us. I'm talking about the body of Christ. It's so it's going to be imperative that you start with you. But you make a decision yourself. I am going to operate my life by a full conviction of belief in God and Jesus Christ. No matter what the world says. I'm going to go back to the word of God and find out what God says about that thing and I am going to live my life based on what God says because it's hard pressed. If you live in one with one foot in the world and one foot in the church where you going to go depending on the issue? Does that make sense? That's why I believe God is calling for a nation a people to operate in face today.

my question then is will you believe God?

My question is will you trust his word 100%

my question then is will you turn away from worldly thinking and turn to the word of God? That's my question to you. And that's an individual walk. That's a individual relationship. That's something that you have to do for yourself. If you want the promises of God, the way God wants to bless us with the promises. You've got to trust him. And you've got to diligently seek after him. And so at some point it doesn't become acceptable that you put your Bible down after you leave on Sunday and don't pick it up until next Sunday. That is not operating in faith. What Joshua says it's 2 something? What the hell don't you choose it? What are the gods of your ancestors the gods of the word for here, but he's there for me and my house.

We going to serve the Lord. So here and UCF we go serve the Lord by trusting and believing in his word. Is that make sense? It's all I'm asking you. to step up step up your face game. And don't accept everything from the world. Amen. Give God a big hand of praise.

So we always got the next step.

So, you know, I don't believe folks can come into a worship service at after I praise team none blessed us with praise and worship. The word is come forth. I believe that we have an obligation to God now. I really do I believe each and every one of us has an obligation to God because of what Jesus Christ did for us. It is not it's not it is an obligation. It's just like you are obligated to your job for you to do work whenever you're out of your marriage whenever there's an obligation to God now. And so I challenge us to read the Bible daily. There scripture if you take a program, there's a scriptures in that go back and reread them. Read the scriptures before and read the scriptures after the get contacts. Amen pray. We have a family now that's in San Diego dealing with some health issues with with the loved one. Keep the Tracy family in your prayers. Keep them in your prayers. We have a leadership team on Monday to keep the leadership team in your prayers. Amen believe in God for AAA building for ourselves. That's paid for put that on your prayer list. Amen turning away from doing worldly things too trusting and believing in the worth what we go through injection. I mean challenges. Yes, we're going to go through surround me Believing by faith a man. So I'm asking you to pray again those who volunteer let me let me say this on Fridays between 12:30 and 2. We need help. I'm putting the call out. We get digging bass has an amazing ministry of food Ministry that he he's blessed. God is using him. I mean fresh fruits vegetables bread sometimes meats and stuff like that. And right now we don't have a freezer that we can put that in and we need to get that food out to people who need it. So we got some men who are coming in and women who are coming in organizing bag and stuff. And just how important is it will give in their own car use our own gas to take the food to folks. Now we're looking for people to come in to help us bag this the food and if you're looking for folks who need it who need the food to come and get it because I don't want I think God says if we be faithful over that Ministry, I know God is going to do some amazing things a man. And so Friday's we need you to come if you're available to come down. Please come down. Also, you know, there's always a little work for those who come to the to the church to help out. God bless you. Thank you. We got it again. We've been blessed. We got a major printer now and you know, we had volunteer come in and make sure that gets hooked up and cleaned and everything. And so now we got to do the whole network thing and make sure you can get

Say man. I got a young man who whose he's a member of the church. He ain't came yet, but he claims UCF. He's been out there also looking for a place for us. Amen. He's been looking for a place for us. And so we want we we thank God for what he's doing but it's going to require all of us to be on one Accord. Amen. Again, we talked about Tuesday Thursday Bible study. Here's what I believe if you're not studying the word of God. It's going to be hard pressed for you to grow.

Seriously, and in the way, we we have your some people don't come to Bible study because a they afraid they may be called on the read and they're not too sure about their reading skill set. I'm talking about adults here. And I've had people say that. But let me tell you when I Bible study. Don't worry about that. Don't that this is not about putting people on blast and making them feel bad because they don't know or they now this if you just come and experience it for those who come y'all know what what I'm talking about. It is family. It is sitting down break and not only natural bread but spiritual bread as well and everyone joining in on the conversation. Amen. That's what Bible study is about. I don't get up there and let you matter fact, you know, I'm a facilitator a man most of the time I'm learning a man and so I'm asking everyone to come out we have it Tuesday we have on Thursday brother Raymond and his wife Angie there at their facility and Sister Sister December taught her first class. Amen. Utada first class that's what I'm talking about. Amen and then on Sunday morning. I'm just challenging you get up early. So, can I just can I just do this one thing? I'm going to turn it over to the Deacon bad.

I think we missed out when we run into worship service at the last minute.

I think we missed out on so much when the only thing you get is part of the message or you know, the beginning them cuz you missed the fellowship you missed the praise and worship you miss so much stuff. So my goal is to have a Ministry where people get up and are excited on Sunday morning to come down to and so we have food here. So if you're not worried about if you if you like I got to fix the kids food get them dressed and get them down here. I'm not I'm not having people dress up that look like they they got $100 when they broke just come as you are a man. Seriously. I'm serious because yeah, we get caught up in the image too much and folks are struggling. Amen. Just come as you are a man just get down here get down here early. And then I think when we when we get here, which I don't understand for passing first lady I get joy when I see everyone if y'all going I'm like something wrong.

Seriously, unless you tell me Pastor. I'm going on vacation on you know, but I love to see everybody here and y'all know if I don't see you. I'm on the phone or texting me like where you at? All Pastor I got you know, if you get these random texts like you know now but that's how we all should be with each other. amen What we we don't have visitors here. Everybody is a guess and here's why if you are expecting people to come to your house you're expecting guests to come. So you get yourself prepared for guests to come and you roll out the red carpet for your guess a man a visitor somebody you not expecting we're expecting guests to come a man a man. And so we want to make sure nobody feels like a visitor and if you ever feel like a visitor put it on that connection car and in and let me know because that's not the spirit that I want here. I want everybody to feel welcomed. Amen. And so try to get up early. Come down and worship service be a part come as you are invite. Someone come on Tuesday. Come on, Thursday. Come early Sunday morning. You can't say we don't have time for you. Amen. Amen. And then invite someone his how I know when we're all in and people are doing that. I'm just amazed how so many of our members are like Pastor you got anymore of those cards. I've seen people I'm telling them, you know, not everybody is going to be excited about coming down to your church cuz there's a whole bunch of churches to go to write but here's what you do and if they won't come down to church again take him to and have some coffee. Okay, you busy. Can we meet on Tuesday morning to go have coffee? And when you invite them the copy invite Jesus as well. A man and then y'all sit down and have coffee and then you tell them why you're excited about serving Christ. Amen. Amen, you know, you can get Pete and you can get people we know we know the tax collector. He invited us to his home when he got say so sometimes we just got to open up our doors and invite people live. Yeah. It may not be the cleanest, but that's okay. When I looking at the outside, we talked about the inside of a man. Hey, man, I just want to share that with you. But again, thank you all for coming out. I want to do this. I want to do this thing and they can you help me my envelope. It's right there, please. Thank you. So earlier. Did I say? Okay, so earlier sister December talked about this connection car? I'm asking everyone everyone if you haven't already. Put a prayer request on there. Put a praise report on there and just put it in the offering as as the offering Box come along if you have it and then for those who haven't if you if we want to know. How things are going with you. It's really important. There's so many churches people come in and and you know, the pastor doesn't know the first lady that no members don't know the people have come in as guest. They come in and go right out. That's not the atmosphere the climate that I want in this ministry. It's a one way that we can keep up with each other as when we fill out this connection card. It said, you know me and the first lady and we got some prayer warriors. We we pray over these human and in this is really important to me that you know, if we can get a hundred percent participation in here, that would be great. But I'm trying to get as close to that as possible because you know, you may not be you may want to accept Christ and not feel comfortable getting up. So check it here. Just text saying you know what? I really never accepted Jesus Christ, but I want to and when we review it will call you. You might be interested in baptism. We found a lot of individuals who checked off. I'm interested in being baptized and that's how we were able it to to know that there's there's young people who wanted to be baptized, but they didn't understand what baptism in so we had classes a man. There may be individuals who are looking for a church home and they're like, well, you know, I don't know if you know this just check hear that you're interested and UCF as a Church Ormond will sit down and have a conversation a man. Cuz what I don't want to do is is push people away from Christ. I want to draw them to Christ and you know, you got all kind of people saying well if they know we all different amen. So if this is the the tool that you want to use to let us know where you're at, please use this tool and understand, you know, what if it's something really really seriously confidential there's a little box down in the corner that says confidential for the Pastoral staff only. That's how serious I am. But sometimes people are going through some really challenging things and you may not know it. And they don't want other individuals to know so just check that. They're pull it and seal it up and put it in the offering box. Amen. Let me do