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#3 Showing God's Light

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As we see in our text today, even before Christ came into this world to become the Light of the World, His life-giving power was evident. John 1:4 “In Christ was life; and the life was the light of men.”

Illustration:  Lighthouses – Jesus the Captain of our salvation

Prop:  You must determine to let God’s light shine through your life today!

I.        The wonderful works of CHRIST (Vs. 1-5)

The first five verses of John’s Gospel introduce Jesus Christ as the eternal Son of God.

A.     We see three great truths

1.      His eternality: “In the beginning the Word already existed.”

2.      His Personality: “He was with God.”

3.      His Deity: “He was God.

Col. 1:15–23

  • Jesus was with the Father in eternity past - John 1:2)
  • He was the Creator John 1:3
  • He is both the light and life of all humankind - John 1:4
  • The fallen world could not “extinguish” his light - John 1:5


  • John the Baptist introduced Jesus the Messiah.
  • John presented Jesus as eternal King


  • Jesus Created the world
  • When he was born, the world did not recognize him.
  • Even his own people rejected him.
  • But some “accepted” him, (Praise The Lord)
  • And by so they became children of God.
  • To receive Jesus means to believe in him (John 1:12)
  • Then a person is born into God’s family (John :13)
  • Salvation is a supernatural new birth that can only be accomplished by God.


  • John expressed wonder at the fact that God the Son came from heaven to earth
  • Also that Jesus lived as a human.
  • This is called the Incarnation—literally, the taking on of flesh (Col. 2:9).
  • John had seen Jesus’ divine glory especially at the Transfiguration - Mt 17:1–9

V.     NOT LAW,BUT GRACE (John 1:15-18)

  • Christ did not come to give a new law
  • But to proclaim and by his sacrificial death make possible God’s grace
  • Which is God doing for humans what they cannot do for themselves.


  • Yes, Jesus sent His Son to pay for our sins
  • Jesus is the Light
  • Jesus is the Life of this World.
  • Why did God send His Son to die, if we won’t tell the world?
  • The way the people see Christianity is through the way you live.
  • Christ’s light can shine brightly from heaven.
  • But if your life is full with sin,
  • His light will be dimmed to those who need it most.
  • Who is watching your life right now to determine whether they believe in God or not?
  • Who is judging all of Christianity by your life?
  • Will someone forsake God because of you?
  • People are always watching you so you must be maintain a good testimony!
  • We need to always be an example to those around us.
  • Christ has provided the source for the light; all we have to do is share it with others.
  • Make sure your life is one that lets God’s light shine through it.
  • Can others tell that you have Christ in you?
  • Or, do they often wonder if you are a real Christian because of your actions?

You must determine to let God’s light shine through your life today!


ヨハネ1:4 “この方に、いのちがあった。このいのちは人の光であった.”

I.     キリストによるすばらしいみわざ  ( 1-5) *

II.    キリストについてのあかし ( 6–8)*

III.  イエス様の拒否と受け入れ ( 9–13)*

IV.    神が人としてこられた時 ( 14)*

  • コロサイ 2:9
  • マタイ 17:1–9

V.     律法ではなく、恵みによる (15-18)*

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