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                                                                                                               Wilma Tann

               Teddy is one character that used logic in A.I. And “Super-Toys Last All


Summer Long.”   In the scene “Moon on the rise” all of the “ mecha’s” (man-machine)

people started to run and hide from the “flesh fairs” (real people).  David didn’t know

what to do, so he asked Teddy  “What should we do?”  Teddy replies, “We run now.”

Teddy is the only character that David has a conflict free relationship with.  In the story

line of  “Super Toys Last All Summer Long,”  David is a three year old child that writes

on the level of a seven year old child trying to express his feeling of love to Monica.

Monica misunderstood David’s incomplete sentences in his letters as malfunction in him.

In my opinion, this makes Monica seem insensitive toward David.

                Referring back to the movie, David had conflict with Henry (his father) when 

he tried to cut Monica’s hair with a pair of sharp scissors in hope that she would love him

more.  Monica shouted for Henry to stop shacking David before he broke.  There was

conflict with Monica and David in the woods when she tried to separate herself from him.

David had conflict with Gigolo Joe when he tried to explain to David that the Blue Fairy

may not be real. Joe asked, “what if she is magic?”  Gigolo Joe tells David “ humans hate

them and they will stop at nothing.”  David shouts back at Joe letting him know that he is

special  and unique, and his mother will love as soon as he becomes a real boy. 

               These instances of conflict suggest that the others are uncomfortable around

David.  David asked, “ Is time real, Teddy?”  Teddy answers, “Clocks tells time. Clocks

are real.”   David believes that the “Blue Fairy” from Pinocchio is real and she will turn

him into a real boy.  Joe can’t convince David that the “Blue Fairy is not real.           3.




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