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Hope in God pt1

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Hope can be a very powerful thing. True hope isn't just wishful thinking but a longing and expectation based in God who cannot lie. Simeon's testimony of Christ helps us see that hope in God is satisfying.

Notes & Transcripts
 Cambridge Baptist Church 16th July, 2017 HOPE IN GOD Luke 2:25-35 I. Hope in God S (Lk. 2:25-29) A. C Expectation (Lk. 2:25) 1. Characteristic of the G  2 things to note: o He’s J o He’s D 2. Patiently W for God 3. Keep L Ph: 0415 226 452 E: B. Trust His P (Lk. 2:26-27) 1. God is at W 2. God R His plan  2 truths shown: o Spirit T us (1 Cor. 2:13) o Spirit L us into Godliness through the Bible (Rom. 8:14) C. S our Longings (Lk. 2:28-29) 1. B God (Lk. 2:28)  To bless God is to praise & exalt God as 2. Be S by God (Lk. 2:29) 3. Know the P of God (Lk. 2:29)
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