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I. Introduction
II. Who He Is ()
A. Not title, but name
B. I Am Who I AM
1) Covenant Name of God
2) Personal God
2. Coming Before Him
A. Doesn’t assume he can.
1) Yet knows that God loves prayer
2) Incense/Fresh Bread
B. We can come confidently
1) Came at a price
2) Consider this
III. Our Circumstance
1. Who We Are ()
A. The Tongue
B. The Heart
1) Seat of emotions, will, intellect
2) Natural Inclination
a) Always upward struggle
b) God is the rocket
3) Spiritual Inclination
a) Hate wickedness
b) Pray against wickedness (PRAYER BELOW)
2. Our Enemies ()
A. Enticeful Wicked
B. Their end
IV. God + Our Circumstances ()
1. Don’t fix eyes on enemies
2. Fix eyes on Adonay YHVH
3. Traps and Snares
4. Our Guide
V. Conclusion
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