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Heart, Soul, Strength

Hey guys welcome to Wednesday! I hope all of you are having a great time so far at ECHO camp. We love you guys and I am sure by now you have noticed a theme of love here at camp. If you guys would get your bibles out that would be awesome! We also encourage you to take notes, note takers are history makers! So far we have heard about:
Loving people and being neighbor minded
How God loves us
Today I want to talk to you about loving God.
What is that one thing that you love? That one thing that you would give your right arm for? Everybody has that one thing that makes them just want to burst out in joy and do a happy dance! Everybody think about that for a second. Think about how that makes you feel, even thinking about it. For me I LOVE airplanes, I would give my right arm to fly airplanes every day. I love flying. Now, I have never piloted plane before, but I have been a passenger in a lot of them. I have also piloted a lot in flight simulator on my computer. I am so happy when I am doing that.
Now imagine a world where everyone always felt the same way about God. How awesome that would be! To be able to feel the same way about God as we do with that thing that we love so much Loving God is so important to us as Christians. God tells in his word us how important this is and the way to do it.
What does God say about this?
Everybody turn in their bibles to Mark chapter 12 : 28-31
Which brings us to the key verse in Mark Chapter 12 : 28-31
At this time in the scriptures, Jesus was speaking to a crowd in Jerusalem and a scribe (at this time a scribe was someone who was an expert in Jewish scripture and law. A real smart guy) came up to him and asked him, he said “Yo, Jesus, (that is how I think it went down…) What is the most important commandment of all the commandments? Jesus says
29 Hear, o Israel: the Lord our God, The Lord is one. 30 And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. 31 the second is this: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.
So here we have the two most important commandments and the most important being to love God. This is straight from Jesus himself!
God loves you unconditionally; you should love God unconditionally, too. We should love God, even when things are not exactly going our way. We should also love him when things are going our way. Sometimes this can be the hardest part. When things are going great, we often don’t think about God. Thigs are great, why should we.
· You are getting the good grades
· You are doing well in whatever sport you are playing
· Everything is going well with your family
· Your health is good, not getting sick
We need to love God for these things too. It is important to actively desire God. When I say Desire here means to long for
We should have the desire to love God the way he loves us! God loves us, even when we mess up, even when we don’t feel a connection to him God loves us. God loved us even before we were born! How crazy is that!
If we have the same love for him that he has for us, our lives will be blessed with abundance and favor! Here are the ways God says to love Him:
Love God with all your heart
We can do this by how we interact with others. We can love God by showing others the love of God. If we show the love of Christ to others we are keeping one of the most important commandments and in turn, showing God that we love him.
Love God with all your soul and mind
We can do this by staying grounded in the scripture and having a good prayer life. I am sure you have heard us talk about how important it is to have that alone time with God every day to do this. Get away from everyone and everything else and spend time in your bible and praying over things in your life.
Love god with all your strength
We can do this by actively chasing after God. Doing everything we do for His glory. The sports we play, our interests, our interactions with other people. Doing all the things we do, in his glory is a way to show God that we love him.
Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than people.
We show God that we love him through our faith and actions.
I know it sounds crazy to say that you would give your right arm for something you love, but remember Christ gave up his life, his life, because he loves you so much. The least we can do are these things to show our love for him.
Pray every day, tell God you love him, show God you love him by how your treat other people, Do everything you do in is glory to show how you are constantly chasing after him. God loves it when you do these things.
You guys are the next generation of world changers. I believe that. You are the leaders this world needs. You guys have the power through Jesus to help be a light in the world. Show others the love of God by spreading his word.
Father we Love you, and we thank you that you love us. We thank you that your word is true. We want to love you more with all our hearts and all our souls and all our mind and all our strength. We pray that you guide us in ways that we can draw closer to you and love you. We ask that you speak to us and make it clear in our hearts and our lives the ways that we can love you through our faith in you, our actions and interactions with others. Help us to understand your love for us so we can learn to love you more.
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