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Fighting for what matters most

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From the days of Jim Crow to our present day context, there has been always been a prevalent progressive stench of systematic oppression lingering in America. There has been an attack on the African American male and consequently the African American Family. Degradation, Gentrification, emasculation, economic depravity has resulted in devastation to the culture of people. Throughout this hard-fought road there have been many heroes and sheroes that have emerged to speak truth to power and lead the way in the fight. From the days of old we had Martin, Malcolm, Corretta Scott-King, to present day we Shaun King, Majora Carter, Van Jones and Cornell west who all have vocalized and acted on behalf of an oppressed people. These brothers and sisters have a few things in common, 1 they believe in equality for all 2. They see the value in their culture and 3. They won’t be subjected to racism, inequality or hatred from anyone or any other race. Their beliefs rest at their core of who they are and from this belief they operate with the notion that what they believe will and shall come true through their work. The first question that I would want to pose to the congregation this morning is what are you willing to fight for? Most people they would say they would fight for their family, they their money and they would fight for a home, a business or something of material gain. All of the reasons are singular and respectable I would suggest that our current context has pushed us to become militant for towards the majority because we’re being disrespected as a people. Within the African American context we’ve lost the since of community and lost the belief that it takes the village to raise one. Within the church I would venture and humbly suggest that we’vve succumb to culture of I and the church has now become narcissistic to a fault. We make statements such as I need my blessing or my word from the lord and all this turned selfishness has turned hospital for the broken to the commissary for the dysfunctional. We’ve forgotten that God operates in plurality but the benefits of his corporate blessing trickle down to us for our individual benefit. I frame this introduction to engage your mind to understand that the church must wake up. We’re engaged in a war that we’re losing, our relevancy, influence, authority and power are dimishing day by day. People are walking away from the church because it’s said that church, religion and God are no longer necessary. There are systems being put into place to keep under developed, disenfranchised and disconnected. Yet, I came all the way from Atlanta to blow the trumpet in Zion and to sound the alarm and make the church of living God aware of the enemies devices and schemes. I came to encourage your hearts and to tell you that it’s time to fight again but there is one thing you rest ya hat on and that this fight will result in victory. Look at your neighbor and say neighbor I got a good reason to fight.
Here we find in our text the Israelite army and the philistine army engaged in a battle. They’re in the land of Judah near Socoh, this is not the first meeting between the two nations. The bible said Saul waged war against the Philistine army from his inception of Kingship over Israel to his death. War in this day was about conquering territory and gaining slaves. War in this day an age was to decimate a people and removing a culture from the face of the earth. Nations wanted to show who was the biggest and the best. For it is not clear as to why this battle began, yet this battle was different because in the other battles between these two nations there has not been mentioned of a Champion in Goliath of Gath. So what we have now is two distinct constants in an equation for domination and the enemy has pulled out a new variable. Which leads me to my first point and that is we must
Surmise the situation.
This is something new because these are the same philistines who the Israelites have defeated before. Remember I said they have already battled before, so they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They’ve waged war before which says the enemy being a real strategist and has to come out with something new in order to win. Goliath is Taller, bigger and seemingly stronger than any man on the battle field at this time. The philistines sent Goliath out front to talk trash play on the minds of men Israel in V.8-11 The bigger, brasher, bolder Goliath accomplished his Goal by gripping King Saul with fear, which in turned gripped the men of Israel with fear and terror. The enemy hasn’t swung a sword or even shot arrow, he hasn’t rushed chariots at them or sent in the infantry, he just sent s big man out front who had a big mouth and that stopped the Army of Israel in its tracks. For that was part one of the plan part 2 of the plan is generational. Goliath makes the statement in V. 9 that if I win then the nation become our slaves but if you win we will become your slaves. The enemy is just after you he’s after your children and children’s children. How many slaves do you know that only served just for their lifetime and they’re family was not subjected to same scrutiny? It’s called Systematic oppression, the goal of the enemy is to have us so shocked, fearful that it makes us complaint. Goliath had not done anything but his nothingness made a nation become impotent. For this is the culture that we currently live in, where talks of laws being passed has silent and impotent. Talks of economic rezoning i.e Gentrification comes up and we become silent and forget that we have a history of defeating Giants. Joshua the Son of Nun, the mentee of Moses had was the first to slay the Giants of this land. In order for the children of Israel to enter into the promise land they first had to cut down some people that were not like God Giants. So the capacity, the grace and the anointing to deal with these uncircumcised Giants is already upon the children of Israel and in their bloodline line but this Goliath has made them forget who they are and the God that they serve. What’s in your bloodline or apart of history that the enemy is has silenced and that he has intimidated that is the catalyst for defeating in him in this battle?
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