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Proverbs 10:6-11, maybe more

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Verses 6 and 11 form an inclusio as indicated by the repetition of the line, “But the mouth of the wicked conceals violence.”199 Within this inclusio vv. 7–10 are arranged in parallel (ABAB); v. 7 and v. 9 parallel each other (the fate of the righteous versus the fate of the wicked), and v. 8 and v. 10 parallel each other (both contain the line “a chattering fool comes to ruin”). The repetition of two lines in this section, both of which concern the mouth of the wicked, points to the major emphasis of the collection.

Deceitfulness is the mark of the wicked, but the godly are known by the evidence of God’s favor upon them and the salutary effects of their words (vv. 6, 11). Thus the righteous secure their place in the world, whereas a life of deception holds only the promise of detection and disgrace (vv. 7, 9). One would be well advised, therefore, to listen with discernment and “consider the source” when weighing someone’s words (vv. 8, 10).

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