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The 10 Commandments: Love Others

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God gave us rules to help us know how to love Him and others.

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The 10 Commandments: Love Others

Bible: ;
Main Point: God gave us rules to show that He is Holy and we are sinners.
Big Picture Question: Who can keep God’s Law? No one can keep God’s law perfectly except Jesus.


The Israelites (God’s people of promise) arrive at Sinai. God will meet with the people giving them instructions on how to have a right relationship (righteousness) with Him and others. Yahweh (God’s personal name) will give them instructions for the priesthood, sacrifices, offerings, and the tabernacle. We will see what God meant when He said “You will be my people and I will be your God” to the Israelites. God will give Moses the 10 Commandments, revealing God’s holiness as well as the Israelites sinfulness. The Ten Commandments show us our sinfulness as well. When God’s people leave Sinai they will have everything they need to live as God’s chosen nation, set apart from all other nations.

Key Words

Commandment- a verbal or written requirement or order. This important term appears over a hundred and eighty times in the OT. Over ninety percent of these refer to God’s requirements of Israel as stipulated in the Pentateuch.
Holy- set apart, Biblical use of the term “holy” has to do primarily with God’s separating from the world that which He chooses to devote to Himself. As God’s redemptive plan unfolded through the OT, the “holy” became associated with the character of God’s separated people conforming to His revealed law. When the time became ripe for the saving work of Jesus Christ, His redeemed people came to be known as saints (literally, “holy ones”). The cross made this possible by inaugurating the fulfillment of the preparatory OT teachings on the holy, opening the way for God’s Holy Spirit to indwell His people.
Sin- falling short, breaking God’s law, going out of bounds (transgression).
Righteousness- Right, correct, or perfect standing before God.
Law- God’s standard, God’s rules. God’s way of having His people conform to His will and holiness.

Opening Activity

True or False Commandment: Ask questions on page 143. Have children put thumbs up if they believe the statment is true, or down if the statment is false.
Do not have other God’s before me. (true, )
Do not cross the street alone. (false)
Brush your night before bed. (false)
Do not make an idol for yourself. (truye, )
Do not steal. (True, 20:15)
Do not give away your toys. (false)
Do not misuse the name of the Lord. (true, )
Remember to make your bed in the morning. (false)
Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. (true, Ex. 20:8)


So What!

Our neighbors need our good works, not God.
Remember, we can sin against God and others.


Ask questions on page 146.

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