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We are hungry (searching)

The great I am, who does that make me  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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2 to 2 What are you seeking to recieve from Jesus??
What does he want from you?
What is something you want him to do in your life this week at camp?
People are looking for Jesus v. 22-24
The people were after Jesus because they were still hungry. “We want more food” Not because they saw the signs that Jesus performed. Signs that set Jesus apart from anyone else.
You will do
Don’t seek out Jesus for the wrong things v. 25-27
Jesus Corrects the people looking for him
Do you work and focus on being fulfilled temporary or eternally???
Illustration that our earthly fleshly desires are working against us
You have a plate of your favorite food in front of you and you have a page out of the bible that says John chapter 6. What is more appealing to you???
You have to know what Jesus can fully offer you
You could work to make sure that you have food every day, but when you die, your food you ate here on earth has no value in your position before God.
· Don’t be satisfied with just being full in our stomach
Every day we make choices to show what we are working toward v. 27
What is the difference between the two?
Eternity is set in our hearts
There is a way that seems right to
We need to be guided by the Word of God not our feelings or opinions
Jesus is rebuking the people for thinking that the kingdom is purely materialistic v. 15
4.15 women at the well, elevate frequent trips to the well everyday,
Spring of water welling up to eternal life
6.26 got food miraculously from Jesus
Jesus sustains our life so that it goes on into eternity
Tell us what works God requires and we will do them V.28
Eternal life is first and foremost a gift within the ability of the Son of Man.
The Work of God is Faith V. 29
Not a faith, “that is abstract” or out there
Rather believe in the one God has sent, Jesus, the Son of Man
Jesus is the one who reveals God to us
He has been in heaven and was sent from there so that the world might be saved through him.
God requires Faith, Not works
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