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Proverbs 13

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— 1 A wise son hears his father’s instruction, but a scoffer does not listen to rebuke.
Solomon is an example of a wise Son he obviously listened to the instruction of his father David at least more so than Solomons son listened to him.
Solomon is an example in scripture of a wise son and Rehoboam is an a example of a scoffer, It was under him Israel was divide in two.
— 2 From the fruit of his mouth a man eats what is good, but the desire of the treacherous is for violence. 3 Whoever guards his mouth preserves his life; he who opens wide his lips comes to ruin.
There is much to be said about saying nothing at all.
We need to learn when to keep our mouth shut.
Sometimes it is good to go un noticed online or in person.
— 4 The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.
“He who gives to poor lends to the Lord”
But we should not be enabling laziness.
And hard work is rewarded.
God requires truth on the inwward parts, there is nothing worse than being a hypocrite.
Each one will have their end , the rightous will be secure and the hypocrite if he does not repent will be overthrown in shame.
— 7 One pretends to be rich, yet has nothing; another pretends to be poor, yet has great wealth.
We have both ends of the spectrum, some outlive their resources and some act as if they have nothing and they give nothing.
we should not be ashamed to be who we are, we should live honestly not hypocritically.
— 9 The light of the righteous rejoices, but the lamp of the wicked will be put out.
There is a coming day of Justice. We can tired of seeing injustice on many levels and want it to end and thise responsible to be prosecuted.
but for now we need to make sure we do not behave wickedly, The Lamp of the wicked WILL be put out.
— 10 By insolence comes nothing but strife, but with those who take advice is wisdom.
How often is the source of conflict in a relationship pride?
— 11 Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it.
People are tempted by easy money in gambling and marketing but the wealth doesnt last. Hard work and perserverance will pay off in the long run.
— 12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.
We have opertunities to help others, probably the best illustrate what is being said here is, its important not to string your kids along you can progressly reward there diligence and hard work they would become discourage if they didnt see a reward in what they are pursuing, Or an encouraging word to an employee or a small raise.
You can lift someones spirit by a simple acknowledgement.
— 13 Whoever despises the word brings destruction on himself, but he who reveres the commandment will be rewarded. 14 The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life, that one may turn away from the snares of death. 15 Good sense wins favor, but the way of the treacherous is their ruin.
None of us would say we despise the word?
How do we despise?
The word is the teaching of the wise 14
And the word brings good sense 15
— 16 Every prudent man acts with knowledge, but a fool flaunts his folly.
The contrast is hast and caution, we should act cautiosly
— 17 A wicked messenger falls into trouble, but a faithful envoy brings healing.
We are messengers and ambassadors for the gospel and we dont have the authority to change or soften the message and it is the only way people can be healed from sin
— 18 Poverty and disgrace come to him who ignores instruction, but whoever heeds reproof is honored.
— 19 A desire fulfilled is sweet to the soul, but to turn away from evil is an abomination to fools.
20 Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.
21 Disaster pursues sinners, but the righteous are rewarded with good.
22 A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, but the sinner’s wealth is laid up for the righteous.
23 An unplowed field produces food for the poor, but injustice sweeps it away.
— 24 Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.
25 The righteous has enough to satisfy his appetite, but the belly of the wicked suffers want.
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