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Our Inner Being

Proverbs: Wisdom For Living  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  28:28
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Pr 13:12. Tony van Drimmelen. Whenever the Bible talks about the soul, the heart, the human spirit and the inner being it means to say this is the most important part about us. It defines who we are and is what lives on after we die. In our fallen world, there are many things that have an adverse impact on our spirit. Proverbs calls attention to them and presents a holistic way walking the path of wisdom in this world. Because of the certainty of knowing our future hope and our ultimate well-being in glory we don’t have to find ways to satisfy our inner being now. In the food and drink offered at the Lord’s Supper we “feed our soul” and to a great measure we find healing and hope for our inner being now. Thanks to Good News of the Gospel of our Saviour, Jesus Christ!

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