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Victory in Jesus

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I. Introduction

a. What is the ultimate purpose of life?

i. What if? The offer to follow Jesus did not come w/ a promise of a "better life."

1. Most likely more difficult.

ii. We live in a very unusual time and place

1. For most of the world, history such a decision had consequences.

iii. Why follow?

1. Purpose: to improve oneself, find happiness, etc. Poor choice

2. Purpose: forgiveness, relationship w/ God, secure salv. Only option.

b. Context

i. V. 17. God may will that you suffer. If so it should be for doing good.

ii. V.18-22. Christ is the ultimate example, w/ victory as the result

iii. 4:1. Therefore arm y/s for this purpose.

iv. Summary: Peter is equipping these saints to endure hardship if the Lord wills it. He provides two examples (Christ and Noah) who in spite of opposition and apparent defeat emerged victorious.

1. Prepare y/s for this purpose

2. Ill. Fire, hurricane etc.

II. Christ the Ultimate Example (of suffering and victory).

a. Suffering: No one suffers for its own sake, though many endure suffering.

b. Victory:

i. So Christ seeing the victory of sinners reconciled so valuable He suffered to achieve that.

c. Purpose

i. For sins: That which separates us from God (Isaiah 59:2)

ii. Once for all: This sacrifice was a one-time transaction sufficient to accomplish forgiveness for all who believe. It was all that was nec.

iii. Substitutionary: Just for the unjust. Further describes the transaction. The nature of the one who died and the recipients. He took our place

iv. Purpose: So that... His death had a purpose. What it was/not.

1. To bring the unjust to God.

2. Assumes that w/o this transaction unjust would remain separated.

a. This transaction was necessary. Hence: one-way.

v. This is the victory: The greatest enemy we face has been defeated. Jesus made certain that eternal life is secured; we are not enemies w/ God.

1. Suffering is not a sign God has abandoned. Christ died for you, reconciled you and will never leave you.

III. The Days of Noah

a. Proclamation to spirits in prison

i. Perplexing. Many good positions. But one fits best the context.

ii. The spirit of Jesus through the person of Noah preached the message of God to those of his day. They were disobedient and are now in prison awaiting judgment.

iii. Refers to the time of Noah when people were disobedient to God's word.

1. Noah, a preacher of righteousness lived in diff times. God was irrelevant. Noah was mocked for 120 yrs, opposed as He served.

2. Evidence: Accurate grammatically, contextually.

a. Context (immediate). People were opposed for serving God. Encouraged that victory was the outcome

b. Context (remote): 1 Peter 1:11. Spirit of Jesus in OT prophets proclaimed His coming

3. The choice to follow God not men leads to victory, disobed to prison.

iv. Don't be surprised you are a minority

1. Peer pressure is powerful: Noah's kid.

a. God does not save on basis of numbers, but obedience.

b. If goal is comfort and man's honor this is irrelevant

c. If goal is forg of sins, friendship w/ God, eternal life...

i. Hear what God says; align y/s w/ His purpose, even if it belittles you in the eyes of men. If you should suffer you are still the victors.

IV. Baptism now saves you?

a. This presents a challenge to those who believe salv is a gift.

b. Meaning of baptism

i. Was the day you made a public declaration of your obedience to Christ.

1. I will die to the world and live to Christ.

2. Identified w/ Christ, gave witness of your break w/ the old life and will by His help live unto Him.

ii. Barrier

1. Sinners prayer as the outward sign of inward reality.

a. Bapt is a way of saying, "I trust the death of Jesus to forg me of my sins, recon me to God and bring me safely through death and judgment into eternal life.

2. Notice how quickly Peter separates h/s from the phys act

a. Removal of phys dirt does not save you, but your appeal to God through faith.

3. Through resurrection

a. It is the res that makes the saving process possible.

i. Because Christ is raised the bel is enabled to rise to new life.

V. Victorious over all

a. Peter's last point to enc suffering Christians

i. Jesus ascended into heaven, victorious as KK and LL.

ii. Paraphrase of JP: Take this thought as you prepare for suffering. No harassing, oppressing, deceiving accusing demon is free to do as he pleases. All angels, authorities, powers, devils, spirits, demons even Satan are subject to Jesus Christ

VI. Conclusion

a. Opposition is inevitable: As the day of Jesus draws near, increase of attacks and opposition.

i. If we are opposed let it be for good

b. Suffering is not evidence of defeat, it is often the path of victory

i. Jesus, Noah

c. Christ is the only Savior and Lord.

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