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Glory People

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But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord. 


I have been privileged to know those whom I call “Glory People” in my life. These are people: who after being around them for a short time you could tell they have been with God, They have been seeking God and thus reflect God. Kinda like Moses did when he came off the mountain with his face aglow. Glory People: are those who choose to be with Lord and desire to walk with Him. The Results: They “radiate” Christ more than anybody I know


But we all,

Enoch was a glory personnhe walked with God, he was so close he decided to go home one day with the Lord

Moses was a glory person he walked on holy ground, Holy Mountain

Isaiah was a glory person he saw the Lord in the Temple high lifted up

David was a glory person he experienced the Shekinah Glory that settled in the temple

Paul was a glory person, he was called to the third heaven, and was able to experienced the glory and presence of God

John was a glory person, he was called to...come up hither, see things no one else was allowed to see

My Point: They knew where God was, and they by choice chose to be with Him, Glory people know where Holy Places are and choose to walk there


with open face“ Unveiled faces/

V-1-17 Paul discusses Law & Grace – and how far superior Grace is to Law

Illustrate – Moses in the presence of God receiving the Law, Came down from the mountain with his Face Glowing

  • Believers Today: have a Greater Privileges than the children Israel had, Only Moses could Go upon the Mountain, Only Moses face was glowing
  • My Point: We all can go into His presence; and be changed as Moses was
  • The Law: was external, brought death, fading glory, But Grace: was internal, brought life, and ever-increasing Glory Un-veiled Faces – Requires open, honest heart before God (Wiersbe)/


But we all…beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image

“Beholding” – Looking - As In A Glass” – A Mirror – We “See” the glory of the Lord, “and are Changed” into the same thing we see, of Christ.

  • L. Richards says: We are sinners, warped and twisted out of shape and far from being the person we want to be or that God intends for us to be.
  • Story: of the Great Stone Face
  • Glory People Dwell in Holy Places, have Unveiled Faces, undergo Continual Transformation


“we go” from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord./

  • Glory People: are not satisfied where they are spiritually, they long for a closer, greater relationship with their God
  • Kenneth S. Wuest: V-18 Now as for us, we all with uncovered face, reflecting as is a mirror the glory of the Lord, are having our outward expressions changed into the same image from one degree to another according as the change of expression proceeds from the Lord the Spirit. This outward expression coming from and being truly representative of the Lord. (Wuest New Testament, Expanded Translation pg-421)
  • We are Constantly Changing: we will be different tomorrow than we are are today

The Question is- will it be for the Good / Bad

Today: there are Holy places to walk in, His Word, Prayer, Ministry, and Witnessing

I want to be a Glory Person – How about you?

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