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Dig Your Well

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Message Sentence/Key Thought:

 We must constantly dig wells to provide a vessel for God’s perpetual blessing.


 Water is a symbolism for life.  It is a life giving force that provides refreshing, cleansing, growth, and beauty.  In our text Jesus talks about a well of water that springs up everlastingly.  The water in this well will quench thirst forever.  I refer to this as a perpetual blessing.  God has positioned us to receive a perpetual blessing, one that does not run out or that cannot be destroyed.  However, if there is no well there can be no water.  If there is no water there cannot be a perpetual blessing.  We must dig our wells.


I)                   How do we respond when its dry.

A)    Isaac moved.

1)      We are resistant to change.

1a) If its working, work it but if its not and you’re in a famine, move.

1b) If we do what we’ve always done, we will get what we’ve always gotten.

1c) In order to see change we must be willing to change.

2)      Listen to the Lord’s directions.

2a) Do not go to Egypt.

i)                    Regardless of the conditions there are always restraints. (I’ll deliver you but don’t do ____).

ii)                  We all must know our critical points.

®    E.g. if you thirsty for fellowship and you have a need for relational interaction and you use to hang with Hootie and all you did with Hootie was bad, regardless of how lonely you are do not go to Hootie.

®    Some songs you just can’t listen to because they bring up to many memories.

B)     Gerar means lodging place:

1)      Everything that we desire cannot be fulfilled until we find where we are supposed to be.


A)     The first thing Isaac did was what his Daddy did (lied about his wife).

1)      Abraham did the exact same thing in the same place. 

1a) Some struggles are generational.

2)      God sent him to the same place that Abraham had been but did not allow him to benefit from Abraham’s wells.

2a) Water, in the dessert was like gold.  To fill a person’s well was an act of war.

B)     God wants each of us to walk into our own:

1)      V. 24 – I’m the God of your father but I’m going to BLESS YOU!

III)             DIG YOUR OWN WELL

A)    Jesus said that there will be a perpetual spring of water that will satisfy our thirst.

B)     This is the perpetual blessing.

1)      I declare that God has blessed me with a perpetual blessing.

1a) When one blessing is over another is standing in line to take its place. Because I’m blessed going in and coming out.

i)                    I’m blessed when I’m promoted and when I’m demoted with a job and without.

ii)                  This is my season, I declare it in Jesus name.

C)    I’m digging wells:

1)      More opportunities than I know what to do with.

1a) Diligence, perseverance, tenacity, believing God against the odds is digging wells.

1b) I’m going to dig because when I hit the water its perpetual.

2)      Isaac was anointed because he could find wells when no one else could.

2a) Philistines were jealous because they had been living in that land and were unable to make it produce but Isaac, because of the anointing on his life, was able to make something with what they thought was useless.

i)                    (e.g. you give away your 60” large screen TV because it’s old and doesn’t work.  You sit it on the curb because to you it’s trash and Pawpaw sees it and ask you if he can have it.  You say it’s junk but you can have it if you want.  He takes it and because of the anointing on his life fixes it then you become mad and jealous at him.

2b) People that are jealous will try to through dirt into your well.

i)                    Be careful of those that you bring close to you.\

ii)                  Be the type of person that rejoices over someone’s victories, even if is by doing something that you’ve tried and have not been successful at.


3a) Dig because you anointed by God to hit water.

3b) Dig because it is the conduit for God’s blessing.  I will not be in the position where God will say to me I would have poured this Into your life but there was nothing prepared to receive.

i)                    Elisha told the prophet’s widow to gather flask for the oil that God was to pour into her.

ii)                  Pursue opportunities

iii)                Dream big, persist in your faith, persist in your labors, persist in doing good, and persist in improving every area of your life, KEEP ON DIGGING!

®    E.g. woman with the issue of blood.

®    Seek and you will find, knock and the door shall be opened…

®    Jacob, I won’t let you go until you bless me.

®    Sow your seed (Mark 4:8 & Gen 26:12) and expect a tremendous increase.

¨      Sow in times of lack, don’t waste your seed.

¨      Don’t eat your seed – Soil has to be moved i.e. flesh has to be moved back in order to plant seed (break up the fallow ground, that is break down the hard habits and things that we don’t want to do in ourselves.)

D)    The water we are looking for is the water that God will pour into our souls.

1)      We equate too often God’s blessings with natural things.  Remember things follow (i.e seek first the kingdom and things will be added).

1a) Things do not distinguish us because ungodly people have things.

1b) Disciples were confused when Jesus said that it was difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom.

2)      It’s interesting that to dig a well we must discipline ourselves to not pursue after natural appetites yet when we find water in our well our appetites become satisfied.

2a) Principle:  Once the water of God’s spirit satisfies our soul every aspect of our being will be satisfied.  However, if we sow to our flesh, natural appetites and desires, we will reap destruction.

i)                    Living for our flesh, i.e. immediate gratification, will cause every area of our lives to be miserable.


Dig your well, sow your seed and expect a tremendous harvest.

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