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Every now and then my phone needs to go through an update. When it does, a message shows up on my phone asking me whether or not I want to update it now or postpone the update until a later time. When my phone is not updated it does wacky things. It will shut off in the middle of me using it, it will stall or take a long time for things to load, or it will pause for no apparent reason. These wacky things will annoy me and frustrate me. And as much as I want to blame the creators of the phone, I recognize that my frustration is a product of my own impatience. It is because I don’t have the patience to deal with the update process, that I then become frustrated with the consequences.
Some of us are very frustarted with life. And as much as we want to blame God te creator for what’s taking place in our life, God is not the source of our frustration. Sometimes we are not willing to go through the process.
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