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Ephesians 4:25-28 (2)

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“Holiness is not just about saying no to sin; it is also about saying yes to God.”

1.Replace Lies with Truth

Relational: Speaking with your Neighbor Negative:Falsehood Positive:Truth Theological Reasoning:We are members of one another

, , and Proverbs

2.Replace Unrighteous Anger with Righteous Anger

Relational: Do not let the sun go down on your anger Negative:Sinning out of anger Positive:Having righteous anger Theological Reasoning:Give no opportunity to the Devil

Can I be angry without sinning? If yes how?

Yes, by being angry with sin in our own lives for a short but affective period of time.

Can I tell just a little white lie and it be ok? Because it is not going to hurt anyone.

No believing that sin will not hurt anyone is the belief of a lie to begin with. Treat even the smallest sin seriously. If Jesus died to save us from sin it must be pretty serious.

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