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Nehemiah 4:1-12 (2)

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Think of the first church and how they built for God as master-builders. Before them laid the towering heaps of the old Jewish rubbish, hard to remove, heavy to bear away, a mountain full!
Their traditions had overlaid the foundation, adding to the word of God and taking away its true meaning. No sooner did the apostles begin to remove the rubbish, that they were persecuted city by city, with violence against the apostles. You cannot remove the ruins without arousing the spiders and bats!
They immediately the apostles fell into trouble, yet with the help of God they cleared away that rubbish and built the wall in their time.
We could talk of how the Roman Empire and the rubbish of paganism had sought to penetrate the church.
Or the various philosophies of man which had huge followings and we watch Paul and John meet head on with Gnostic philosophies. Where we learn that false wisdom is just as bad as Christian ignorance.
Then to think of the right Christian history and the men who sought to expose the foundation over the century’s.
Think of all the rubbish that arises from the
Human Sin. Oh how this stands in the way!!! Even if you took away false systems of religion, if priests and scribes were silent, if false prophets and Antichrist were both out of the way, yet the sins of men are many and hideous masses of rubbish! This is what hinders our labors of love!
The World. How hard it is to get someone to bend their ear to the things of God when the world gets the first word in?
Satan. He seems to dominate man’s heart and desires. He puts up huge barricades and mountains of the rubbish of carnal desires, pride, and unbelief. Almost all of humanity is completely indifferent to eternal things. Immortal as they are, they only seem to live for mortality.
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