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I got to much life in me to die now!

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German Writer

There was a German writer that found himself in a level 4 prison with unsuitable, deplorable conditions. While in the Prison he Authored 11 best selling books, he was an instant millionaire in prison. When he was released they asked him what was his inspiration while in a place where there was no inspiration. He replied to their suprise, The prison was my motivation, He stated it was only when he saw the deplorable conditions of the prison that he could have the opportunity to truly understand that he was worth more that his present circumstances. Thats when the decision was made not to be defined by my present condition because it was in prison that i got a true definition of my true value.
He said when I discovered my true value, I git hungry to hold on to it at any cost.......

(The Predicament) They did not request their issue.

tt(The Problem)Famine in the Land
Where the text introduces these four men is not where they started out. To understand the Law concerning someone with leprosy is that it had to be pronounced. The entire process is found in . These men are in a situation that they didn’t ask for and circumstantially that is when they are found before us.
They have already been judged and inspected about stuff that they didn’t even sign up for. Is there anybody in here today that you been judged and inspected about stuff that you never even signed up for?
Weather we believe it our not, and as uncomfortable as it may seem for some, the text gives evidence to us today that your were nothing before your storm. Note that what they were going through was identified before they were.
There are plenty of folk that may not like what they are going through. your situation of life may be uncomfortable for you and most importantly you didn’t sign up for it. But if it wasn’t for what you been through, your worship would not be what it is right now . Song writer says I’ve been through to much NOT to worship him.
The first thing in this text we can all agree upon is that none of them signed up for this issue. They weren’t waiting in line to have leprosy.

(The Problem)Famine in the Land

(The Problem)Famine in the Land

There was a famine in the land, and everyone was suffering from the famine. it should have been common sense to see the inevitable. There is a famine in the land, we are cast out from society, the common sense factor is to come to the realization that we are going to die. don’t let famine determine your future. Because of the famine that was in the land these men were left with an assumed destiny. the next thing that we see in this text are for men not willing to allow the circumstances that life offered swallow them up. They asked the question that everyone should ask, Why?
Why do i have to be in poverty?
Why do i have to be broke?
Why do i have to be sick?
Ask you neighbor why?

(The Process)You cant be afraid to go into uncharted territory

vs 4 says; let us go into the city.... Lepers, according to Mosaic law were forbidden to enter cities. They had to g
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