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Culture of PAG

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Thank You

Thank you for being here, I asked you here because I don’t believe in doing anything as an individual, this is about us, we, all fulfilling the vision that God has for us.

Women at the Well

1. Jesus encountered a women who he was not supposed to talk to. He put religion aside spoke to her as a father.
2. Jesus knew what could happen to this young lady if she believed.
3. He used the gifts of the spirit to minister to her.
4. He knew her sin and knew he could set here free
5. She found freedom and went and told her entire village.

PAG Vision

At Perry Assembly it is our passion to lead people to a life transforming relationship with God.
Transformation is what happened to this women.
Going to OKC and seeing Tammy working at the hotel. She was once a drug addict, terrible mom, and her life has been transformed.
Tony Guffeys Story
Anyone else?
This is why we are here. To see transformation happen by introducing people to our Father.
2 Corinthians 5:18 NIV
All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation:

Culture Eats Vision for Lunch

If I gave you a great dinner tonight, but gave it to you on a dirty plate you wouldn’t eat it no matter how good the food was.
Culture-”This is how we do things here.”
For years we have all attempted to many ideas and strategies, some have went well, but most have been average. Why? because the culture is not ready for the ideas.
Toxic Cultures-
Discouraging Cultures-
Stagnant Cultures
Accepting Cultures
Inspiring Cultures
The culture we want to foster here at PAG is an inspiring culture.

Here is Where I need your help?

C-ontrol- delegation, clarity of job,
If I were to list all the important values we need to focus on, my list is long.
Loving God
Loving People
Serving our City
Teaching the Word of God
What makes Perry Assembly unique?

Why, How, What

If we were asked to start a church on the planet Saturn just like Perry Assembly of God, what kind of values would we take with us?
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