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Following God's Will

Acts: Be My Witness  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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What is your purpose on a team? To help the team win.
How do you go about doing that? Follow the game plan and adapt to whatever role you need to. What about when it seems to game plan is bad?
What is our purpose here on the earth? Glorify God. How do we go about doing that? We follow the game plan and adapt to whatever role we need to.

An Attempt to Scrap the Game Plan (

The ship is going from city to city on the way to Jersualem and they have to stop at Tyre for a week to unload cargo.
People had evangalized Tyre and there were disciples there that Paul and the others stayed with for a week. Paul didn’t know who they were but because they were all followers of Christ they quickly became friends.
Here is something we can apply to our lives: If we are followers of Jesus then we can be friends.
Paul and the Christians in Tyre became such good friends that they were begging him not to go. The Bible says in the Spirit they were begging him not to go. What this seems to mean is that the Christians in Tyre had realized through the Holy Spirit that Paul was going to suffer in Jersualem and they didn’t want him to go.
The problem is that it was God’s plan to go to Jersualem. Remember in 20:22 how Paul was constrained by the Holy Spirit to go despite what was going to happen. It was God’s game plan for Paul to go and Paul could not let anything stop him.
When we realize what God’s plan is or what God’s will is we cannot let anything stop us.

Another Attempt to Scrap the Game Plan ()

From Tyre Paul continues on to Jersualem and they come to Caesarea which is the Port City of Jerusalem where they meet back up with Phillip. Do we know anything about a Phillip in the book of Acts?
This is that same Phillip and Paul stayed with him for a little while
Then came down a prophet who confirmed what was going to happen to Paul.
This time all the people who were with Paul begged him not to continue on into Jerusalem. This caused Paul some sadness but he knew he had to stick to the game plan.
It was God’s will for him to go to Jersualem despite what other thought. So something to apply to our lives: God’s will is not always what you want. God’s will isn’t that you are always happy or that everything benefits you. Do you think Paul wanted to suffer just to suffer? No! But it was God’s will.
Turn to The cup Jesus is talking about is the sins of all people. Jesus was about to suffer the punishment from God for every sin committed. Now do you think Jesus would have wanted to punished for no reason? No! He was perfect! But he suffered and died for the sins of people because it was God’s will.
Despite his friends attempts to get him to stay, Paul was determined to follow God’s will. But how did he do it? Here are some tips for us in how we can follow God’s will: Trust that God is always in control, and always seek to please God first.
Paul is determined to fulfill God’s will in him going to Jersualem and so now we see he finally goes.

Fulfilling God’s Will by Adapting

He gets to Jersualem and sees James who was Jesus’ brother and one of the leaders in the Jersualem church. Plus all the other leaders of elders were there to finally see Paul again.
Paul shares all that God has done through him and they all glorify God! But there is a problem.
See Paul was going out and being a witness to Gentiles or people who weren’t Jews. And Paul was sharing the Gospel of Jesus which is what?
What does that require of us? Does it require us to only eat certain foods? Does it require us to follow certain ceremonial laws? No not at all! But for people who were Jewish they still did some of these things not as a requirement for salvation but because they wanted to which is fine! But they had heard that Paul was telling other Jews to stop practicing these things and they were not happy! After all Paul was a Jew!
This issue here had the potential to cause a divide between Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians. Plus it would have made it even harder to Paul to witness to non Christian Jews so something had to occur.
The leaders had a plan. There were four men who were under a nazarite vow which meant they avoided certain things and didn’t cut their hair for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days they cut their hair and brought an offering to the temple. They suggested that Paul participate with these guys to show the Christian Jews that Paul had not problem with their Jewish customs as long as it was voluntary and not a requirement. So Paul did.
And we see that the leaders understood it wasn’t a requirement to be a Christian or stay a Christian to do these things because they weren’t going to make anybody do it. They weren’t even going to make Paul do it but he did anyways. What do you think he did?
To fulfill God’s will. God desires all Christians to be one, to be united. Listen to . All Christians should be united in our purpose which is to glorify God! Paul did this to fulfill God’s will of the church being united. He was willing to do and become whatever he needed in order to glorify God.
Listen to what Paul wrote to the Corinthians in
Paul was willing to adapt to whatever was required of him to fulfills God’s plan. Are willing to do that? That might mean you have to get to know people who aren’t like you or that you may have to sit and talk with people who aren’t like you in order to glorify God and follow his plan. Are you willing?

What is God’s Plan

Before we leave we need to know how to know if something is God’s plan or not.
First his plan or his will if for all people to believe and trust in Jesus Christ. So in order to begin to determine what God’s plan is for your life you must be a follow of Jesus Christ.
We must be spending time with God. How can God communicate with us if we don’t spend time with him.
Second we need to be
Then we must listen and obey his commands. Found in the Bible.
We must seek help from more mature Christians.
Finally actually follow God’s will.
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