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When God Stops the Music - May 27 PM

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Sunday PM                                                                                                 May 27, 2007


Bobby’s Statement



We are going to go to several scriptures.

There have been several times God has stopped the music.  It is usually for sin, it is never a good thing when He takes music away.

Please turn to Psalm 137:1-6

          When the Babylonians captured Jerusalem, they took their helpless babies and threw

          them on the rocks.

          God will punish those people.

          Jerusalem was captured because they had not remembered the Lord.

                   They hadn’t remembered the way He delivered them out of Egypt.

                   How He had taken care of them in the desert.

          We are to pray for our enemies to be blessed and saved.

          There will come a time when the Holy Spirit will have us pray for divine revenge on

          the proud, unrepentant and the ungodly.

Turn to Proverbs 25:20

          When we have a troubled heart, any kind of worship that we give to God does not reach

          Him that is why we need a pure heart.

Go to Ecclesiastes 2:8

          When we have pride/greed/worldly pleasures we cannot worship our God either.

          God wants humble/servant/selfless worship from us.

          His Word says when we encounter evil we are to run from it.

Go to Isaiah 5:12

          When we worship the Lord with selfish greed, drunken conduct, mockery at God’s

          power, distortion of God’s moral standards, pride and conceit, twisting of justice, He

will not listen to us.

          In Matthew 23, Jesus calls these people religious hypocrites.

          Isaiah 14:12-20

          This refers to Lucifer being thrown out of heaven.

                   His prideful heart got him thrown out of heaven – FOREVER

          There is no one above God.

          Isaiah 16:10

          God stopped the music here because of Moab’s pride and their failure to recognize God

          and His righteousness.

          Isaiah 23:16

          Here they were worshipping like harlots in the streets, no shame of their sins.

          Isaiah 24:8-9

          This is referring of the time of the Great Tribulation, where God pours out His righteous

          judgment on the earth.

          This is where the unbelievers will see and feel God’s wrath on them.

          Isaiah 30:29-30

          This is also where the Lord pours out His burning anger and man.

Turn to Ezekiel 26:13-14

          Again man turned from God, they started serving the god’s of the land they lived in.

          God tells us in His Word, He is a jealous God.

          Ezekiel 33:32-33

          Man refused to listen to the Lord’s prophet.

          The Lord sends His prophet for a purpose; they are allowing Him to speak through them.

Go to Daniel 3:4-7

          This is idol worship, they were worshiping a man.

          Remember anything that keeps us from God is an idol.

Turn to Amos 6:5

          This is when we get comfortable and become complacent in our sins.

          We can believe that we are living for God,

but we must be careful we are not condoning sin.

          We should never be comfortable with sin.

          Amos 8:9-10

          God will punish us for our sin.


Now go to Jeremiah 31:4-7

          This is a time of healing before the music returns.

          There is a remnant, a humbled remnant.

          And there will be music again.

God did, and can again stop the music.

God stopped the music to get people’s attention.

          To get us to look at our sin.

          To get us to pay attention to Him.

          To get us back on track with Him.

We should be rejoicing that He stopped the music.

He is allowing us to get right with Him before it is too late.

I would also like to add, that God speaks in many different ways.




          His Word


Just because He does not give you a certain scripture, does not mean the Word is not from Him.

His Word says a word has to line up with scripture.

No where does it say, every word He gives will have a certain scripture to base it on.

Closing Prayer

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