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Unity - April 29 AM

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Sunday AM                                                                                                          April 29, 2007

District Council was great, I learned a lot.

The theme this year was of course the Celebration of the Assemblies of God in Alaska for 90 years.

I also received from this District Council, UNITY and to MOVE FORWARD with God.

God wants UNITY in His children.

God wants UNITY in His church.

UNITY:      The condition of being or consisting of one.

UNITY in God:    To be one with God, to be obedient to God alone.


Psalm 133

The oil of Aaron’s anointing saturated all the hair of his beard and rand down on his priestly robes, signifying his total consecration to holy service.

Similarly, brotherly harmony sanctifies God’s people.

Let’s go to some other scriptures about UNITY.

Acts 4:32

Romans 12:16


I Corinthians 1:10

II Corinthians 13:11

Philippians 1:27-28

There are many more, these are the ones the Lord guided me too.

NOTHING can happen here at Anchor of Hope, until ALL of God’s children are in UNITY.

The fact that God had us stop worshipping Him with music should show us that there is a problem with the UNITY in this body.

Who has been earnestly fasting and praying these past weeks about our worship?

Has God showed any one of you any thing?

He has shown me that we are still no in UNITY.

God should be our NUMBER ONE concern.

We are not to put anything before God.



          Taking a Steam

          Berry picking

          Preparing fish

          Our jobs

          Our kids

          Our spouses

God is to be NUMBER ONE before anything.

Tonight we will be going FORWARD with God.

          Some will be ready

          Some will stay were they are now

Closing Prayer

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