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Sunday AM          - Mother’s Day                                                                       May 13, 2007

Happy Mother’s Day

If you have a child that will be attending Tanalian Bible Camp, please come see me after church.

Memory Verses




Proverbs 31:10-31

Mother:       Loving, Compassionate, Protector, Knows all

                   Teacher, Helper, Nurse, Leader,

Cook, Cleaner, Fixer of things,

Driver, Coach, Cheerleader

Turn to Proverbs 31:10-31 page 934

Proverbs 31:10-25 Describes a Noble Wife

          In Ruth 3:11, Ruth was called “a woman of noble character”

          It says a noble woman is more valuable than rubies.

          Our husbands should be able to trust and have confidence in us.

          The way we run our household should add to our family’s wealth, deplete it.

          We should be an asset, not a liability, to our husband.

          Good comes to our family by the way we act and what we say.

          We are to support and encourage our husband, and be faithful to help him.


          Even though we have household help, our children,

we should be up early, to prepare breakfast.

          To get food ready for the other meals.

          We know how to delegate some of our work to others, we can’t do it all.

          We have a business mind and we are not afraid of work hard.

          We show good judgment when we purchase something.


          We have a healthy attitude toward work,

We go to work with joy.


          We should be like the 5 virgins in Matthew 25:4, our lamps should not go out,

we need to plan ahead for lean times, and our families will praise us for our insight.


          We are selfless and generous.

          We give when needed.

          When winter comes we don’t panic for our husband and children.

          We are prepared, we provide good warm clothes.

          We spare no cost in purchasing for our family.

          Even though we are insistent and capable,

                   we function in a way that honors our husband’s

leadership in the home and community.

          We respect and build up our husband.

          We prepare for the future; we face the future with confidence.

          We are free from stress and worry.


 Proverbs 31:26-31 page 935 Describes a Noble Mother

We should be praised for our wisdom and faithful instruction to our children.

We are to be wise and a loving counselor.

We watch over the affairs of our household.

We are directly involved in various activities as a housewife.

We teach our children.

          We are not idle with our time.

Our children call us blessed.

We are positive and hopeful and enjoy our role in life.

Our husband praises us by telling others we are one of the greatest gifts God has given him.

Our secret is our godly character.

We may be physically charming and beautiful but those qualities will fade.

          It is what is inside that is important, that never fades.

We should be a woman, who fears the Lord

Our family praises us to other people.

We recognize and reward our Mother’s one day a year.

We should recognize and reward our Mother’s every day.

The virtues of a noble wife and mother are: 

We should be a hard worker, make wise investments, we do not waste time, we plan ahead,

we care for others, we respect our husband, and we have the ability to share godly values with others, and be humble to seek wise counsel. 

And most of all we need a godly fear, to worship, trust, serve and be obedient to the Lord.

These are qualities that lead to:

Honor, praise, success, personal dignity and worth, and enjoyment of life.

By fearing God, we will live wisely and righteously.

This afternoon, show your mom what a godly, noble woman she is.

Closing Prayer

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