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A Pure Heart - May 27 AM

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Sunday AM                                                                                                                   May 27, 2007

The Picnic tomorrow will be postponed for a nicer day.

Memory Verses

This Pentecost Sunday – This is when the Fire of God fell on the believers in the Upper Room.



Children’s Church


Psalm 24

Prayer over the Word

PURE:        The condition of being free from any physical, moral, or ritual contamination.

                              When we lived in the world, living in our sins, we followed Satan,

we were rebelling against God.

Christian doctrine states that impurity is a spiritual or moral quality that comes from within.

          The blood of Jesus has purified all people once and for all.

          Jesus is the last sacrifice needed as well as our intercessor and high priest.

          The Lord wrote the book of Hebrews to tell us this.

          So since Jesus came and paid the price we are able to be clean, pure and free from our sins.

It does not happen automatically, there are things we have to do before this can happen. 

          1.       Surrender all we are and have to Jesus.

Which is very simple, we say a prayer.

          Turn to Luke 1:76-79 read


          2.       Read the Word of God.  Turn to Joshua 1:8

It will guide us through everything we need to do.

It will also guide us through the things we are not to do.

3.          Live a life that is pleasing to God.   

Turn to Psalms 119:9-16

4.          Follow every WORD that God has given us.

That also includes the WORDS in the Old Testament

When the Lord spoke those WORDS, He spoke them to everyone.

          He didn’t speak the WORDS of the Old Testament for the Old Testament saints.

          He didn’t speak the WORDS of the New Testament for the New Testament saints. If that were true, we would not have a Word to read and live by today.

5.     When we live by each WORD in the Bible we will have a PURE heart.

I said a PURE heart.

Not a PERFECT heart.

                   We can have a PURE heart while we are serving the Lord here on earth.

                   There is no way to have a PERFECT heart while serving the Lord here on earth.

                             When we serve the Lord in heaven than and only than we will have a

                             PERFECT heart.

                                       Turn to Psalm 19:7-14

6.     Our bodies can be PURE while we serve the Lord here on earth.

7.     Our bodies will be PERFECT when we arrived to serve the Lord in heaven.

8.     We can be PURE here on earth; we can NEVER be PERFECT here on earth.

9.     We live in an IMPERFECT world.

Satan is in control here.

10.            Eventually we will be in a PERFECT world, Heaven.

God is in control there.

It is hard to live a PURE life, but we can do it.

          It is a constant struggle from the time we surrender to Jesus,

                   until the time He takes us home.

There is good news.

          Our heavenly Father sent the Holy Spirit to teach and guide us.

          Our heavenly Father gave us a guide book – His Living Word.

          We are not alone; we don’t only have the Holy Spirit to help us, Jesus is interceding for us,

                   we have each other to help and to hold each other up and accountable.

Praise the Lord!

Closing Prayer – don’t for get the bless fellowship and food.

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