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Fear of the Future Pt 1

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July 9, 2017 Calvary Baptist Church CI – God is in control of tomorrow, therefore, we must not fear the future
Location “Title” Passage CIT –
Location “Title” Passage CIT –
July 9, 2017
July 9, 2017 Calvary Baptist Church CIT –
SO – My hearers will seek to give up
Introduction: 1. Like watching horror movies and I was always talking to the screen. "Don't do it" because you knew what was coming, they were about to die. That was what created the fear because they didn't know what was coming.
2. This is the same thing that causes us fear because we don't know what is coming. So we are afraid for the future. 3. God continually reminded Joshua "Do not be afraid" and God gives us the same reminder and encouragement.
4. This morning we are going to look at how Joshua faced the future with NO Fear.
READ Joshua 1:10-18
I. Background
A. Joshua new leader of Israel
1. Assistant to Moses
2. Charged to lead Israel into promised land
We don't know what is ahead, but God does. So, Joshua faced the future with No Fear and there are 4 things we need so that we can face the future with No Fear.
1. Facing the Future takes Prayer and Preparation
1:1 "The Lord spoke to Joshua"
- Lord spoke with Moses
View of prayer - not doing anything
v17 - officers pray for Joshua
- Next week - my best man here next week to talk about prayer
- Next week - my best man here next week to talk about prayer
- Christian without prayer is like an appliance without a plug
- Philadelphians praying every Tuesday, Classes praying at specific times
- Prayer gets our HEARTS in tune with God
Who are you praying to? Relationship with God (My shepherd, my Lord, my Savior) - Gospel ABCs
- Sin blocks our relationship, blocks prayer with God; only the prayer of repentance
- We step off the throne & surrender to the Lord
PRAYER is not a magic incantation
Relationship starts with prayer & that is where everything should begin
- "I don't know what tomorrow holds, let me pray"
Problem with prayer - praying about things God has already told us to do
- Witness - ,
- Marry this person -
God gives the WHAT, WHY - We pray about the HOW
We pray and then we prepare for God's answer
v11 - get provisions ready
- 6 babies in the nursery (prepare for what God is doing)
- Praying for young families, but we have to get ready for God's answer
- Goal of 200 in worship in 2017
- Average of 120 to 140-150
- Must prepare
- Joshua sent the spies out
- CARE Team
- The point is never the numbers, it is reaching those who haven't been reached yet.
As we pray and prepare, we must remember that facing the future takes ...
2. Facing the Future takes Faith
Spies - Jericho & Rahab, Ch 3 - crossing the Jordan
- NO Boats, No Waiters
God has already taken across the Red Sea
- water of Jordan recedes
Faith of tomorrow, built on the faith of the past
- God is who he says He is and He does what He says He will do
- We don't take the risk to trust Him.
- Afraid so we don't try
Hebrews 11:6 NLT
And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him.
Faith without works is dead
We are NOT passive as we wait
3. Facing the Future takes Breaking from the Past
4. Facing the Future will Cause some Pain
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