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- Judas Goat
Judas Goat
He looks like a sheep, smells like a sheep, sounds like a sheep, but he’s not a sheep
It only purpose in the flock is to lead the sheep to destruction
The only way to keep ourselves safe from these types of intruders is to grow in our love for God
The question isn’t whether God loves us, we know he does
He died for you, grandest gesture of all
How do you know if you love God?
We know we love God because we keep his commandments
When you love someone you do things to make them happy
We have to move beyond a heaven or hell mentality
No relationship would work if every decision hinged on whether it would cost everything
We’re here to do more than avoid hell
We need some people who don’t just want to shun hell, but they crave heaven
We need some people who not only hate the devil but they love God
Fear of hell will keep you from doing stuff that’s bad, but it won’t help you do something good
If you want to be motivated to do good, that comes from loving God
It’s that love that pushes you to share what you got with someone else
It’s that love that promotes christian character
Our love grows by remembering what He has done
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